Perl and XSLT for Visual Studio .NET Now Available

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – September 6, 2001 – With ActiveState’s 1.0 release of Visual Perl and Visual XSLT, Windows developers can now leverage Perl and XSLT’s strengths in Visual Studio .NET’s familiar development environment. Plugins for Visual Studio .NET beta 2, Visual Perl and Visual XSLT provide a rich programming experience that enables programmers to rapidly build software in a full-featured integrated development environment.

Key Features:

  • Editor – code completion, syntax-based colorizing, syntax error detection, language-aware auto-indenting, code folding, and keyword tips
  • Source code control – inherit Visual Studio’s source control functionality and work with items stored in a source code repository
  • Integrated online help – connect to ASPN and search and retrieve online resources
  • Graphical debugger – manage breakpoints, control flow, view variables, lists, and complex objects, and for Perl debug remote processes
  • Project manager – manage groups of related files, data files, and for XSLT remote URL handling.

Visual Perl also includes ActiveState’s unique regular expression debugger, which enables programmers to easily step through Perl regular expressions one step at a time. Visual XSLT also contains ActiveState’s one-of-a-kind XSLT debugger, which synchronizes input and code while debugging in real time. Visual Perl and Visual XSLT are available for an introductory promotional price of $195 each (regular price $295). Give our plugins a try. In the words of one of our beta testers this summer, “I just downloaded and tried out Visual XSLT it really looks like your product rocks!” We couldn’t have said it better.

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