VANCOUVER, British Columbia – June 13, 2001 – Curious to hear about how we’re *embracing* .NET and *extending* Perl? Find out more from the Perl Pumpking…

Perl on .NET and .NET on Perl
Speaker: Gurusamy Sarathy, Senior Developer, ActiveState
Date: June 20, 2001
Where: ActiveState HQ, 580 Granville Street
Cost: Free

ActiveState has been involved in a project to port Perl to the Microsoft .NET Framework. As part this effort, we have conducted various experiments to better understand: what the platform offers languages such as Perl, what Perl could do to take advantage of all that the platform offers, and how to cope with what the platform may not offer. This talk will describe the results of some of these experiments and what we learnt from them that might be useful in the design for Perl 6.

Issues to be covered may include, but may not be limited to:

  • Viable Object models in a unified type system universe
  • Component model vs. the module approach
  • Garbage collection as a system service
  • Language interoperability in a unified runtime environment
  • The Portable Executable (PE) format for runtime object distribution
  • Versioning of executable content

Can’t make it? We’re probably coming to a city near you soon. Check out our other events.

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