Perl, Python, Parrot, & .NET at YAPC 2001

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – June 6, 2001 – Thought Parrot was just an April Fool's joke? So did we. Find out what what our developers are really up to. Also hear the latest on Perl and .NET and what we're doing to *pollute* Perl. Hope to see you at YAPC::America::North this week!

YAPC North America 2001
Montreal, QC
June 13-16, 2001

Neil Kandalgaonkar:

  • Programming Parrot: Integrating Perl with Python & CPAN, PPM and the future (with Brian Ingerson) Brian Ingerson:
  • Pathologically Polluting Perl, with C, Java, and other Rubbish
  • Programming with Perl and C using
  • Data::Denter and Inline::Files & CPAN, PPM and the future (with Neil Kandalgaonkar) Gurusamy Sarathy:
  • Perl on .NET and .NET on Perl

Can't make it to Montreal? We're probably coming to a city near you. Check out our other events.

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