Programming Perl in the .NET Environment

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – October 9, 2002 – Are you a Perl programmer that wants to understand .NET and the vast array of services available to you with the new Microsoft .NET Framework? Or are you a .NET programmer that wants to learn how to take advantage of Perl, one of the most useful languages in the world, and how to access the immense archive of Perl modules? The book Programming Perl in the .NET Environment will help you make the most of Perl and .NET together – whether you're already familiar with Perl and .NET, or not. With ActiveState PerlNET it's now possible to use and create .NET components and to wrap existing Perl modules so that they are available to all .NET compliant languages. ASPN Perl, the professional Perl tool bundle from ActiveState, includes PerlNET.

Special Offer: For a limited time you can get Programming Perl in the .NET Environment FREE when you purchase an ASPN Perl membership. Get the best of both worlds: Perl flexibility and .NET power! Already have a subscription to ASPN Perl? Buy the book directly from the publisher at a special discount.

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