Python Let Loose in LA

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 1, 2001 – Do you think there’s a better way to do it? So do we. Come by the Ninth Python conference in Long Beach and see why Python is a fast growing programming language. Want a preview of the activities taking place? In conjunction with O’Reilly & Associates we’re initiating a first of it’s kind programming book that will be a community effort for Python. We’re also helping launch the Python Software Foundation. Last but not least, we’re announcing the winners of the ActiveState Active Awards for Python Excellence.

Several Activators will be there giving talks & BoFs:

  • Dick Hardt, “Python Software Foundation”
  • Dr. David Ascher, “Mozilla Technologies” – Komodo – Making Mozilla Useful with Python – XML-Based User Interfaces for Python Programs – Python Cookbook
  • Mark Hammond, “Component Technologies” – Python for .NET – PyXPCOM
  • Paul Prescod, “Web Services” – Components with Python – Accessing SOAP Services with Python – Package Management in Python
  • Andy McKay, “Using Zope with Perl”

Look forward to seeing you there! Can’t make it? Find us at another event this year.

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