Python Software Foundation Launched

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 6, 2001 – At the ninth Python Conference, Guido van Rossum announced the launch of the Python Software Foundation (PSF). Modeled after the successful Apache Software Foundation, the PSF’s mandate is to provide educational, legal and financial resources to the Python community. Responsible for holding Python’s intellectual property, the PSF will also act as an educational resource, maintain the Python website, and foster Python user groups.

A fast growing programming language, Python is open source, cross-platform and easy to use. An elegant, highly readable language, Python’s strength is object-oriented scripting. It is used for cutting-edge applications by leading technology and research institutions such as: Carnegie Mellon University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and NASA, to name a few. Hundreds of thousands of programmers are using Python around the world today, and the number is growing steadily.

More information is available at “The community enthusiastically supports the creation of a single, focused organization to help further Python’s development and adoption,” said Guido van Rossum, creator of Python, speaking at the Ninth International Python Conference. “For example, the PSF will be involved in encouraging Python as a beginner programming language in secondary and post-secondary institutions.”

“We’re committed to the support of Python and to its use within the business community,” said Dick Hardt, CEO & Founder, ActiveState and the newly elected President of the PSF. “The PSF will enable Python’s growth within commercial and educational organizations and provide a great resource for Python programmers of all levels.”

“The Apache Software Foundation showed that an independent, non-profit organization can be a catalyst for an entire community. We think the PSF will do the same thing for Python by facilitating contributions of intellectual property and funds on a sound basis,” said Greg Stein, core Python & Apache developer and member of both software foundations. “The PSF puts control of Python in the hands of the community that develops it.”

The Board of Directors are: David Ascher, Paul Everitt, Fredrik Lundh, Tim Peters, Greg Stein, Guido van Rossum, Thomas Wouters. Founding sponsors are ActiveState and Digital Creations. The PSF is a non-profit corporation whose membership is composed of core Python code contributors and sponsors. The PSF exists to promote and protect Python interests. 

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