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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – August 20, 2001 – Wouldn't it be great if there was a multi-language IDE for Linux that made light work of regular expressions and debugging? ASPN Komodo makes it happen. Try ActiveState's new Komodo IDE release candidate for Linux, which now has XSLT, PHP, and Tcl support. Based on the Mozilla application framework, Komodo contains all the features of a modern IDE such as syntax checking, autocompletion, and calltips, plus a one-of-a-kind XSLT debugger and Rx toolkit. Drop by our booth #643 at LinuxWorld to see the new Komodo demo.

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Or come to one of our BoFs or talks:

  • Trent Mick BoF: Scripting Mozilla with PyXPCOM
    August 29 from 6-7:30 pm Lower Level, Marriott

    How Python programmers can leverage Mozilla right now. Starts with a very quick intro to component programming, description of the 'rules' of PyXPCOM, and going over an example program.
  • Brian King Mozilla's Cross-Platform Toolkit: XML and Beyond
    August 28 from 12-1:15 pm Room C3, Marriott

    I will discuss why Mozilla is an ideal choice for creating third generation client or web applications. Mozilla's flexible framework is structured around XML. XUL and XBL are the cornerstones of the Cross Platform Front End and skills traditionally in the sphere of web development can be leveraged for building applications. Moving beyond, we will show how the XPCOM component structure provides an opportunity for extending Mozilla in theoretically any language, as PyXPCOM has shown.
  • Brian King BoF: Linux Development Tools
    August 28 from 6-7:30 pm Room C2, Marriott

    Linux development tools are coming of age, yet there is some way to go. Emacs has for a long time been acting as an 'IDE', though not in the perceived meaning of that term, by being able to pull in different tools to carry out the developers needs. However, its dominant position is being eroded by the appearance of newer more traditional IDEs with more visual features and support for developer's needs including: editing, building, project management, debugging and source code control. Some of the new kids on the block include KDevelop, CodeWarrior and Komodo. The theme of this BoF will be to explore people's experiences, views and preferences relating to traditional and emerging tools, and how it will effect the day to day environment of developers as Linux becomes a more widely deployed operating system.
  • David Sparks BOF: Getting Plugged into Sendmail
    August 29 from 6-7:30 pm Lower Level, Marriott

    If you are interested in getting plugged into sendmail at the SMTP transaction level then this BoF is for you. We'll talk about how the Milter API lets you hook into sendmail at each stage of the transaction. Then we'll look at some simple filter examples written in C and Perl and discuss how these can be extended to provide powerful mail filtering solutions.
  • Hope to see you there! Can't make it? We're probably coming to a city near you soon. Check out our other events.

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