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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – July 29, 2005 – Today ActiveState joins the blogosphere with a blog that focuses on the stuff that matters to us – stuff like scripting languages, developer tools, open source, and our take on various technologies. The new ActiveState Blog also highlights the thoughts, work, and programming interests of the ActiveState team, including our world famous senior developers.

ActiveState bloggers include:

David Ascher: ActiveState's Chief Technologist and Managing Director. He also co-authored Learning Python and co-edited The Python Cookbook, both published by O'Reilly.

Shane Caraveo: Shane is the Komodo Team Lead. He is a core PHP developer and is focused in developing on Mozilla using XUL, XBL, JavaScript, and Python.

Philippe M. Chiasson: His parents named him Philippe but we call him Gozer. Gozer is one of the mod_perl developers. He is an avid yoyoer.

Jeff Griffiths: If we could clone Jeff Griffiths we would. Jeff wears many hats at ActiveState including technical support and testing. An avid PHP and Python programmer, Jeff has been using ActiveState stuff for years, and has been using Komodo since 1.2!

Jeff Hobbs: Jeff is the Tcl Guy. He is the co-author of Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk (Fourth Edition), published by Prentice Hall. Jeff likes to lick the new Tcl frog, we don't know why.

Trent Mick: Trent is a Senior Developer at ActiveState. He is a Python guy and a Komodo guy. He likes AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris tar. Trent wrote a really short bio. No filler, just the good stuff.

Eric Promislow: Somewhere between the fervent Perl and Python camps at ActiveState you'll find Eric Promislow building tools for different languages. Eric recently recovered from the VBScript-to-Perl converter project to add Ruby support to Komodo.

Enjoy our blog!

The ActiveState Team

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