Python: The Programmer’s Lingua Franca

python programmers lingua franca webinar

Python: The Programmer’s Lingua Franca

There are thousands of programming languages, but even if your organization works in one of the more popular languages, it’s likely you will eventually interact with others who are unfamiliar with it. Since you can’t be proficient in every programming language under the sun, a language that bridges technologies and allows people to communicate their ideas is needed.

A few programming languages have tried to fill this role over the years, but none holds as much promise as Python. Steadily growing in popularity, easy to read, easy to learn, and enthusiastically supported by a community drawn from diverse programming backgrounds, it is starting to emerge as the new lingua franca – a common tongue that bridges language gaps within and between organizations.

Join ActiveState’s Troy Topnik, Technical Communications Specialist, and Ingy dot Net, Senior Developer, to learn about:

  • Why Python is an ideal programmer’s lingua franca
  • How leveraging Python can reduce up-front project costs
  • Why “Python as a Second Language” can increase efficiency within your organization
  • Why to use Python for cloud applications (migrating existing apps, creating new apps)
  • How using quality-assured, commercially supported ActivePython can ease your risks


Time to watch: 57 min

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