Last Updated: May 27, 2021

Runtime Security Demo: 5 Ways to Reduce Application Risk

2021 Update – Parts of this webinar demonstration are out-of-date. ActiveState’s latest enterprise security features include automating everything from vulnerability remediation to dependency resolution to compiling linked C/Fortran libraries to packaging the environment for a target operating system. Learn how we can help you secure your open source supply chain.

We know that it can feel like a constant struggle to balance speed of development with your security and compliance requirements. We’ve taken our 20+ years building open source languages and launched a runtime security offering – the first building block of our new SaaS platform.

In this webinar, we demo our SaaS Platform plus cover 5 key ways to reduce application risk. We also discuss how we’re solving pain points of working with open source languages.

This webinar covers:

  • Ensuring security at runtime: Security is built-in, embedded in the language interpreter.
  • Minimizing attack surface: Use the packages you need. Identify what you don’t need.
  • Getting a Key Risk Indicator Dashboard: See all security & compliance issues at a glance in real-time.
  • Profiling Risk: Profile vulnerability & usage. Gain better triage at runtime.
  • Reducing Time to Detection: Track & update vulnerabilities in real time.


Plus, 5 key ways to decrease application risk, such as:

  • Putting in place a 360 degree view of application security & compliance
  • Understanding what code is actually running in non-production vs production
  • Identifying open source licensing risks



Jeff Rouse, VP Product, ActiveState
JR oversees ActiveState’s product strategy. He’s spent 26+ years in tech at companies ranging from startups to publicly traded companies and in roles from team lead to Project Manager to VP Development & Services.

Dana Crane, Product Marketing Manager, ActiveState
Responsible for the go to market function at ActiveState, Dana has 20+ years of experience crossing (and falling into) the chasm, as well as capitalizing on (and being disrupted by) innovation.

Mike Kanasoot

Mike Kanasoot

Mike is the Web Marketing Manager at ActiveState. He has worked in industries ranging from security and document management to mobile commerce, but enjoys the culture of open source technology in particular. As a marketer, Mike believes in providing great user experiences and tracking everything.