Runtime Security Demo: 5 Ways to Reduce Application Risk

Webinar: Runtime Security Demo: 5 Ways to Reduce Application Risk

Runtime Security Demo: 5 Ways to Reduce Application Risk

2021 Update – Parts of this webinar demonstration are out-of-date. ActiveState’s latest enterprise security features include automating everything from vulnerability remediation to dependency resolution to compiling linked C/Fortran libraries to packaging the environment for a target operating system. Learn how we can help you secure your open source supply chain.
We know that it can feel like a constant struggle to balance speed of development with your security and compliance requirements. We’ve taken our 20+ years building open source languages and launched a runtime security offering – the first building block of our new SaaS platform.

In this webinar, we demo our SaaS Platform plus cover 5 key ways to reduce application risk. We also discuss how we’re solving pain points of working with open source languages.

This webinar covers:

  • Ensuring security at runtime: Security is built-in, embedded in the language interpreter.
  • Minimizing attack surface: Use the packages you need. Identify what you don’t need.
  • Getting a Key Risk Indicator Dashboard: See all security & compliance issues at a glance in real-time.
  • Profiling Risk: Profile vulnerability & usage. Gain better triage at runtime.
  • Reducing Time to Detection: Track & update vulnerabilities in real time.


Plus, 5 key ways to decrease application risk, such as:

  • Putting in place a 360 degree view of application security & compliance
  • Understanding what code is actually running in non-production vs production
  • Identifying open source licensing risks



Jeff Rouse, VP Product, ActiveState
JR oversees ActiveState’s product strategy. He’s spent 26+ years in tech at companies ranging from startups to publicly traded companies and in roles from team lead to Project Manager to VP Development & Services.

Dana Crane, Product Marketing Manager, ActiveState
Responsible for the go to market function at ActiveState, Dana has 20+ years of experience crossing (and falling into) the chasm, as well as capitalizing on (and being disrupted by) innovation.

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