Take Quality Products to Market Faster with Enterprise-Ready Dynamic Languages

take quality products to market faster with enterprise ready dynamic languages

Take Quality Products to Market Faster with Enterprise-Ready Dynamic Languages

Open source programming languages such as Perl and Python have the highest instance of open source use in an organization at 57% according to a recent Forrester Research survey conducted with Dr. Dobb’s readers. As dynamic languages presence and importance increases, organizations will rely more on enterprise-ready dynamic languages to create higher quality products, to take products to market quicker and to conserve development time and costs for core competencies.

Join Lawrence Backman, VP, Quality Assurance at Computer Associates, one of the largest independent software companies in the world, and Jeff Hobbs, Director of Engineering at ActiveState, the dynamic languages experts to learn:

  • The value of enterprise-class dynamic languages for developing quality applications faster
  • How Computer Associates uses enterprise-ready ActivePerl to save development time and dollars
  • Open source licensing considerations and solutions to mitigate risk and ensure compliance


Time to watch: 58 min

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