Test Driven Development with ActivePython

Webinar: Test Driven Development with ActivePython

Test Driven Development with ActivePython

Test driven development (TDD) continues to grow in popularity as a development process that promotes diligence, oversight, and robust programming practices. In fact, in our recent Open Source Survey, nearly half of respondents stated that they used TDD as one of their core development processes. Whether for new or legacy projects, TDD is becoming increasingly critical to how large enterprises develop and maintain applications. This feedback coupled with requests from Python developers led to the inclusion of key TDD modules in our most recent release of ActivePython.

In this webinar, Tom Radcliffe (ActiveState Director of Engineering) and Jeff Rouse (ActiveState Director of Product Management) discuss the emergence and importance of TDD, how it impacts Python developers, and what it means for enterprise programming. Some of the key topics they’ll cover include:

  • What is TDD and how can it be implemented successfully
  • Why is ActivePython well suited to TDD
  • How can enterprises benefit from TDD
  • And more!


View the slides here!

Time to watch: 1 hr

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