What’s New in Komodo IDE 10.1

whats new komodo ide 10 webinar

What’s New in Komodo IDE 10.1

Komodo 10.1 is out and it’s better than ever! Building on the recent launch in May of Komodo 10, which included integrations with Cordova and Phonegap and remote Chrome debugging, Komodo 10.1 has even more tools and services to help developers get more done. Join Komodo Lead Developer Nathan Rijksen and Komodo Developer Carey Hoffman as they talk what’s new in 10.1 and why it remains the best IDE for web and mobile developers. Some of the topics they’ll cover include:

  • NEW tutorial tool (Demo of pre-built tutorials and how to build your own!)
  • NEW keybindings
  • Improved publishing
  • General overview of Komodo X
  • Live Q&A with the devs!

Watch and learn why developers continue to choose Komodo as their IDE of choice!

Time to watch: 55 min

Watch the Webinar

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