Last Updated: April 10, 2019

Why Go Will Replace Java and C

The Death of Giants

Java and C remain the most widely used development frameworks, despite the fact that they were created for a bygone era. Today’s software is built for the cloud, deployed as distributed apps, and delivered via a CI/CD DevOps toolchain — all of which Go speaks natively.

This guide explains why Go is the key to modern enterprise application development, covering topics such as:

  • Go’s rapid adoption as one of the top 10 programming languages
  • Go’s technical advantages for supporting microservices, DevOps and modern hardware architectures
  • How leading open source platforms are currently using Go

Learn how you can proactively adopt Go to stay competitive in tomorrow’s business environments with this executive guide.

Mike Kanasoot

Mike Kanasoot

Mike is the Web Marketing Manager at ActiveState. He has worked in industries ranging from security and document management to mobile commerce, but enjoys the culture of open source technology in particular. As a marketer, Mike believes in providing great user experiences and tracking everything.