Plans & Pricing

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a startup, ActiveState can help you develop faster, manage risks, and reduce cost.

 Free A free account that includes:
Free self-serve custom buildsCreate custom Perl, Python or Tcl distributions with only the dependencies you need
Up to 5 Active RuntimesUse up to five runtimes free per individual or per organization (if for organizational use)
Komodo IDEIncluded free of charge
Community supportFree support via our forums (but with no SLA)
$12/ month (Billed Annually)Includes the benefits of Free Tier, plus:
Private projects on the ActiveState PlatformKeep your projects private. Important for business use
Komodo IDE supportKomodo support via email & chat
$76/ month (billed annually)Includes the benefits of Coder Tier, plus:
Legacy PricingThis price tier will change in 2021. Buy now to lock in the current price.
Licensing for beyond development useRun up to 1 node* of ActivePerl, ActivePython or ActiveTcl
32-bit & older versionsGet older versions of ActivePerl, ActivePython & ActiveTcl
Technical support via chat and email only
ActivePython for Anaconda UsersNeed an Anaconda alternative? Check out ActivePython for Anaconda.
$490/ month (Billed Annually)Includes the benefits of Team Tier, plus:
Legacy PricingThis price tier will change in 2021. Buy now to lock in the current price.
More nodes for beyond development useUse up to 8 nodes* of ActivePerl, ActivePython or ActiveTcl (extra nodes can be purchased in sets of 4)
6 additional accountsfor the ActiveState Platform
 VariesContact SalesCustom. Can include options such as:
Custom language distributionsthat we build, manage and maintain to meet your needs
Extended support for Python 2 & Perl 5.16+Protect the security of your legacy applications
Security / CVE reportingGet reports of potential security issues in your custom language distributions
License reportingDetailed reports of the licensing within your custom language distributions
IndemnificationReduce the risk of intellectual property infringement
SLA-based technical supportVia chat, email and voice with a two-hour response time during support hours for critical issues
Support for AIX, Solaris and legacy operating systems
Custom build engineering
Custom licensing including OEM options for redistributing ActivePerl, ActivePython or ActiveTcl in your applications

Support Hours (when applicable) – 9am to 5pm Pacific Time | * An Active Runtime is a runtime (such as ActivePerl or a custom Python build) that is installed or regularly used. For ActivePerl, ActivePython or ActiveTcl, read our ActiveState Community License Agreement for details. For custom runtimes you build on the ActiveState Platform, read the ActiveState Platform Terms of Service.

License Agreements: ActiveState Platform Terms of Use | ActiveState Community License Agreement | Komodo License | Enterprise License Addendum | OEM License Addendum

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Key Enterprise Benefits

Learn more about the value of the Enterprise Tier of the ActiveState Platform.

Deployment Platforms

ActiveState open source language distributions can be packaged for a growing list of platforms and operating systems, including:

  • Windows, Mac and most major Linux vendors
  • Big iron servers, including AIX and Solaris

Volume Pricing

ActiveState open source language distributions are typically licensed per node. If you’re running multiple nodes in the cloud or on an ESXi server where you can scale out nodes on demand, ask about volume pricing options that entitle you to run multiple nodes, as required.

Indemnification/Legal Risk Reduction

Incorporating third party libraries in your application can expose you to trademark, copyright and patent infringement liability. ActiveState’s Enterprise Tier license provides protection, giving you peace of mind.

“Builds Made to Order”

If you require packages or platforms (such as AWS or Docker) not currently supported by the ActiveState Platform, or if you’d prefer ActiveState to create a custom build, an open source language distribution specific to your needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

If maintenance, security, support, or compliance issues are essential to your business, our Enterprise offer is likely most appropriate. Please contact our experts to discuss your needs or let us give you a live demonstration.

If you are using an ActiveState distribution to run scripts outside of a developer’s workstation, i.e. testing, staging or production environments, then commercial licensing is required starting at the Team tier.

If you are a developer using an ActiveState distribution only on your own workstation, the Free tier is appropriate.

A node is a single installation of an operating system running on a machine (virtual or physical) that will utilize an ActiveState language distribution. A paid license is required “beyond development use”, which is any time a distribution is used to run completed scripts or applications that are executed outside of a developer’s workstation. For more information, see the ActiveState Community Edition License Agreement.

A project on the ActiveState Platform is configuration of a specific version of Perl, Python or Tcl together with an arbitrary set of dependencies. As a Platform user, you can create your own custom projects that contain just the specific dependencies you need. All projects at the Free tier are public projects, which mean they are available to other Platform users. Private projects are available at Coder tier and above. Access to private projects is controlled by the project owner.

Learn more in our Platform documentation.

Support and maintenance are available at the Enterprise tier for ActivePython 3.6 to 3.8, ActivePython 2.7 and ActivePerl 5.16 to 5.18.

Access (with no maintenance) to these versions or ActivePython 3.x to 3.5, ActivePython 2.4 to 2.6 and ActivePerl 5.8 to 5.14, is available at the Team tier.

For more information, see Perl versions and Python versions we support.