Embrace open source

with confidence

Whether its your pet project or the codebase of your enterprise, ActiveState is here to tame the complexity of open source.


Personal / individual use

Get access to the most popular versions of languages recommended by ActiveState

Universal Package Manager to manage and deploy runtimes

Shareable virtual environments that allow users to seamlessly switch between environments


Scaleable, Org-level observability, Secure your supply chain

Get access to an expanded catalog of languages and packages

Private projects

Multi-OS projects

Role-Based Access Control

Get visibility into vulnerabilities across your organization


End-to-end security, Extended life support, Redistribution at scale

Get access to our entire catalog of languages, packages and versions

Dedicated Support SLA

Managed Services Access

EOL Extended Support for Security including Python 2.7 and 3.7

Additional Deployment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ActiveState Pricing Plan is right for my use case?

If maintenance, security, support, and/or compliance are essential to your business, our Enterprise offer is likely most appropriate. Please contact our experts to discuss your needs or let us give you a live demonstration.

If you have a team of developers working in a commercial setting, Team tier is your best option.

If you are part of an open source project that wants to use the Platform, please see our Open Source Early Access program.

ActiveState provides alternative pricing models to fit your business. Contact us for details on alternative pricing models.

As a Platform user, you can create your own custom projects that contain just the specific programming language, packages and dependencies you need. All projects at the Free tier are public projects, which means other Platform users can view the configuration. Private projects are available at Team tier and above. Access to private projects is controlled by the project owner.

Learn more in our Platform documentation.

SLSA stands for “Supply Chain Levels for Software Artifacts”. It is a security framework, a check-list of standards and controls to prevent tampering, improve integrity, and secure packages and infrastructure in your projects, businesses or enterprises. It’s how you get from safe enough to being as resilient as possible, at any link in the chain. Here’s our solutions page for a more detailed explanation on SLSA.

Software attestations enable you as a software producer to provide transparency and verification capabilities to your customers. ActiveState Platform will generate signed attestations — such as provenance and SBOMs — for your application’s open source components.

Using its secure build service, the ActiveState Platform will generate signed attestations for your application’s open source components, and verify their security and integrity upon installation using the attestation’s metadata. Here’s our solutions page for a more detailed explanation on software attestations.

ActiveState provides a wide range of support, maintenance and licensing options for both recent and older versions of Python and Perl, including EOL versions such as Python 2. This list is constantly changing as newer versions are released.

In general, access to older versions is only provided with a Team or Enterprise Tier subscription, while access to EOL versions is only provided on the Enterprise Tier.

If you still need access to our legacy releases, please get in touch with us via our contact us page.

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