There are important changes to our pricing and licensing models. See the new pricing below or read why we made the changes.

Plans & Pricing

Secure your software supply chain with the ActiveState Platform

Free Tier
Best for personal use Limited to 5 Active Runtimes per organization (or per individual, if for personal use)
Get Python, Perl & TclCustom builds with just the dependencies you need. More secure and more efficient.
Software Supply Chain SecurityWorks like pip and other package managers, but helps keep you safe and secure
Team Tier
$167 / month
Best for small teams / organizationsIncludes 15 Active Runtimes. Billed annually. Can purchase up to 90 Active Runtimes.
Basic Technical SupportGet expert help with your language runtime issues via chat and email
Private ProjectsPrivate projects for business use that you can easily share with others
Enterprise Tier
Designed for Enterprise Needs & ScaleRich set of enterprise features. Support for 32-bit versions & enterprise OS
Advanced Software Supply Chain SecurityFoil cyber attacks with features like auto CVE remediation & hermetic build environments
Extended Support for Python 2, Perl and TclMeet compliance and security needs for the older language versions you rely on

Full Feature List

Free Tier Team Tier Enterprise Tier
Price Free $2,000 USD / year for base subscription By quote
Usage Limits
Active Runtimes Included 5 15 400 or more
Cost for Additional Active Runtimes? n/a $2,000 USD / year per 15 Active Runtimes By quote
Maximum Number of Active Runtimes 5 90 Unlimited
Build, Dependency & Package Management
Zero-Configuration Cloud-Based Build Toolchain Included
Advanced Package Management Included
Automatic Dependency Resolution Included
Language Support
Perl Recent Releases Recent Releases Extended Releases
Python 2 2.7.18 only 2.7.18 only Extended Support Available
Python 3 Recent Releases Recent Releases Extended Releases
Tcl Recent Releases Recent Releases Extended Releases
Ruby Coming soon
PHP Coming soon
Operating System Support
macOS Partial Support
Linux Recent Releases Recent Releases Extended Releases
Windows Recent Releases Recent Releases Extended Releases
AIX No No For Custom Builds
Solaris No No For Custom Builds
Docker Coming Soon
Public Projects Yes Yes Yes
Private Projects No Yes Yes
Organizations Yes Yes Yes
Roles Yes Yes Yes
Hosted Archive Repositories (Python only) No No Ensure that developers and customers use only "known-good" versions and dependencies
Change Management
Branches Branch an existing project to easily manage minor changes in configuration. Makes it easy to maintain development, testing and production builds with fewer bugs and lower effort.
Revision History Maintains a clear log of changes by date and user
Rollback Revert to an earlier version of a project
Forking Start from an existing project and receive updates from the parent project
Merging Integrate changes from other branches or projects
User Interfaces
API API for powerful reporting and integration with DevSecOps toolchain
CLI Command-line interface for developers
Web UI Easy to use web-based graphical interface. Optimized for ease of use, as well as security and user administration tasks.
Support and Maintenance
Community Support Available
Chat No Yes Yes
Email No Yes Yes
Phone No No Yes
Support SLA No No Yes
Software Supply Chain Security & Integrity
Version Update Notifications Coming Soon
Vulnerability (CVE) Notifications Coming Soon
Vulnerability (CVE) Reporting Basic Basic Extended
Automated Vulnerability (CVE) Remediation Coming Soon
Manual Vulnerability (CVE) Remediation Not Available Not Available Part of Managed Builds
Enterprise Bill of Materials (BoM) Includes vulnerability (CVE), licensing and provenance details
Redistributable Installers Not Available Not Available Available
Reproducible Builds Included
Enterprise-only Options
Custom Language Engineering Let our experts tackle your build engineering issues
Custom Managed Distributions Language distributions that we build, manage and maintain to meet your specifications
Extended Operating System Support Support for AIX and Solaris
Extended Python 2.7 Support & Maintenance Keep legacy Python code and critical dependencies secure and up-to-date, even though Python 2 has reached End-of-Life (EOL)
Indemnification Reduce risks related to open source intellectual property infringement
OEM Licensing OEM licensing for redistributing ActiveState language distributions in your applications
SLA-based Technical Support Via chat, email and voice with a two-hour response time during support hours for critical issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If maintenance, security, support, or compliance issues are essential to your business, our Enterprise offer is likely most appropriate. Please contact our experts to discuss your needs or let us give you a live demonstration.

If you have a team of 2 to 20 developers working in a commercial setting , Team tier is your best option.

If you are using the ActiveState Platform for personal use, then Free tier is most appropriate.

If you are part of an open source project that wants to use the Platform, please see our Open Source Early Access program.

Simply put, it’s a single copy of code distributed by ActiveState that you’re running or otherwise using. For example, if you’ve built a Python distribution using the ActiveState Platform and you’re running a script with it, that would count as one Active Runtime.

For more details, please refer to the ActiveState Platform Terms of Service (Free & Team Tier).

A project on the ActiveState Platform is configuration of a specific version of Perl, Python or Tcl together with an arbitrary set of dependencies. As a Platform user, you can create your own custom projects that contain just the specific dependencies you need. All projects at the Free tier are public projects, which mean they are available to other Platform users. Private projects are available at Coder tier and above. Access to private projects is controlled by the project owner.

Learn more in our Platform documentation.

Yes, as long as you are staying within your Active Runtime limit. On the Free Tier, that’s a limit of 5 Active Runtimes per organization (or per individual, if for personal use). Other Tiers have higher limits.

Important: Community Editions of ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl may no longer be used for development use. Please read our Important Changes To ActiveState’s Licensing and Pricing Model in 2021 blog post for details.

Support and maintenance are available at the Enterprise tier for ActivePython 3.6 to 3.8, ActivePython 2.7 and ActivePerl 5.16 to 5.18.

Access (with no maintenance) to these versions or ActivePython 3.x to 3.5, ActivePython 2.4 to 2.6 and ActivePerl 5.8 to 5.14, is available at the Team tier.

For more information, see Perl versions and Python versions we support.

We are phasing out our Community Edition releases of ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl. For more details, read our Important Changes To ActiveState’s Licensing And Pricing Model In 2021 blog post.

However, you can now easily create your own distributions of Perl, Python or Tcl using a free account on the ActiveState Platform.

We needed a licensing and pricing model that better fit the needs of modern enterprises. For a detailed answer, please read our Important Changes To ActiveState’s Licensing and Pricing Model in 2021 blog post.

The Coder, Team, and Business Tiers were merged into one tier with a new price and set of benefits.

Any subscriptions you have will expire at the end of their renewal period. At that point in time, your account will be downgraded to the Free Tier unless you purchase a Team or Enterprise Tier subscription.

If you have an existing subscription, you will continue to be eligible for support until the subscription expires. After this period (or if you do not have a paid subscription), you may receive support on the Komodo forums at

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