ActiveState Platform Pricing

The ActiveState Platform is the new way to build, certify and resolve open source languages. Get started on the tier that’s right for you.

Community Coder Team Business Enterprise
Cost (USD) – Billed Annually FREE $7/mo $76/mo $490/mo Contact Sales
Users 1 1 4 10 Custom
Nodes (Included)1 N/A N/A 1 8 Custom
Public Projects
Komodo IDE Trial
Private Projects
Technical Support 2 2 3
Legacy Builds4
Security & Compliance5
Legal Indemnification + OEM Licensing + Catalog Additions6
Create Account Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Contact Sales

1A node is a single installation of an operating system running on a machine (virtual or physical) that will utilize a build (a build is created by a project). A node is used anytime an instance of a build is used to run completed scripts or applications that are executed in a shared environment (that’s not on an individual’s laptop/desktop).
2Email and chat only; Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PT
3Email, chat and phone support; Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PT; 2 day SLA
4Access to older versions of open source languages, excluding EOL’ed versions
5Currently only available for Python
6Get additional packages not available in our catalog so you can make your specific build

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