Achieving the Impossible: 3 Steps to Minimize Risk & Reap the Benefits of Secured Open Source – Thank You

Open source has been with us for decades, but organizations are still struggling with dependency management, environment reproducibility and security. At the core of the issue is the need to enable developers to manage potential exploits while still allowing for an agile SDLC.

Unfortunately, existing solutions such as private repositories, SCA and AST do not fully address the open source supply chain problem, giving limited visibility into the full hidden dependency tree, and lacking the ability to produce secure environments at scale or quickly remediate vulnerabilities as they emerge.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through 3 tenets of securely integrating open source into your development process (technical demo included):

  • Observability: Knowing what open source components are in use, where they are being used, and where they came from.
  • Scalability: Empowering developers with reproducible environments comprising vetted packages built from source. Ability to deploy environments across different operating systems and integrate into CI/CD systems.
  • Remediation: Identifying all known CVEs in projects across your organization, and updating those components without fear of breaking a build.

Learn how ActiveState complements existing solutions to fully secure your software supply chain, and how you can make open source security seamless for your development team.

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