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Eliminating Open Source Supply Chain Threats with ActiveState

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If your development team uses open source packages, and are trying to prioritize both security and time to market, now is a good time to check out the latest from ActiveState.

In this webinar, Dana Crane, Product Marketing Manager, interviews Nicole Schwartz, Senior Security Product Manager, on how ActiveState ensures both security and integrity of the open source components you work with, saving dev teams from “dependency hell” and giving security and compliance teams the visibility and oversight they need.

Get a briefing on the state of software supply chain security, and how ActiveState is helping our customers get ahead of supply chain risks.

Learn about

  • EO 14028 (Executive Order Mandate on Cybersecurity) – How ActiveState customers are achieving compliance
  • SLSA 1.0 – How to gain Build Level 3 compliance with the newly released 1.0 spec of this cross-industry security framework
  • Best Practices – How SBOMs and Attestations can be utilized in your software development processes to ensure supply chain security

We also demonstrate the latest features on the ActiveState Platform:

  • How to generate SPDX and JSON SBOMs
  • How to work with Software Attestations
  • How to move projects between organizations for easier collaboration
  • How to integrate ActiveState Python with Microsoft’s VS Code Editor
Get a Personalized Demo: Book a 30 minute session with our solutions experts to see how ActiveState helps save time, reduce risk and secure your software supply chain.

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