Companies like Atlassian, Docker, Facebook, DigitalOcean, eBay, and Heroku have already embraced Go (Golang) within their development teams, and a wide range of developers already use Go for web services, networking, and fast systems development. Easy to learn, Go gives you the best of both worlds--fast development with runtime speeds similar to C++ or Java that can be deployed in a single executable.

With the ActiveGo distribution, you get a commercially supported, quality-assured Go distribution. We've bundled some of the best packages, tools, and documentation into ActiveGo so it's easier to start using Go right away - and not waste time on system configuration.

The Easiest Way to Get Started with Go

If you or your team have wanted to use Go, but your organization has been hesitant due to compliance concerns around open source or you are in a high-security setting and you can't access external code repositories, then our ActiveGo distribution is the easiest way to get started.

ActiveGo comes pre-bundled the most popular packages so you don’t have to track them down individually. We've included packages that support the leading databases, microservices frameworks, and cloud service libraries for Amazon AWS and Google App Engine. You and your team can bring new ideas to life in a quick and scalable manner with ActiveGo.

What's in ActiveGo?

We've included packages for big data, database connectivity, code quality, microservices/cloud development and more! Download ActiveGo for your next project.

  • Enterprise-Grade Third Party Packages:
    • Big Data:
      • gocql: driver for Apache Cassandra
      • mgo: MongoDB driver
      • sarama: client library for Apache Kafka
    • Database Connectivity:
      • pq: postgresSQL
      • go-sql-driver/mysql: MySQL
      • go-mssqldb: msSQL driver
      • go-oci8: ORACLE
      • go-sqlite3: sqlite
      • influxdb: influxDB client library
    • Testing/Error Handling:
      • assert: extended core testing capabilities to write tests more easily
      • errors: improved error handling
    • Microservices/APIs/Cloud Packages:
      • aws-sdk-go: AWS support
      • appengine: Google App Engine
      • go-kit, go-micro: API building; microservices
      • Gorilla (mux and websockets): web application development
      • gomemcached: Memcached support for web applications
      • easyjson: Fast JSON serializer
      • fasthttp: Fast HTTP implementation
      • hystrix-go: distributed application latency and fault tolerance library
    • Sub-repositories Packages: Packages that are part of the Go Project but outside the main Go tree--no need to fetch them individually via Git. These include the /x/crypto packages that are vital to keep all communications secure.
    • Developer Tools:
      • Delve: debugger
      • goimports, golint: code quality
      • glog, spew: logging
    • Bundled Documentation: Offline documentation is included for Go and the packages included in the distribution.
    • Community Version:100% compatible with the latest community build of Go (1.8)
    • Windows Platform Support: Windows 64-bit (for Beta only). Linux, and MacOS support coming in Q2.

But this is just the beginning. We will support more packages and provide better documentation in future releases. Download ActiveGo for your next project and tell us what you think! Contact us at to provide your feedback.

Download ActiveGo Beta

Enterprise Support With ActiveGo

With ActiveGo you get the same benefits of using an open source Go distribution for your projects, such as speed and concurrency, but you also get the commercial support that your company (and compliance officers) require.

  • Comply with corporate policy requirements to have supported open source products
  • Full license review including all third-party packages with assurances to minimize risk--no guessing about what your packages your developer downloaded! (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Protect your organization from legal risk with indemnification coverage (Enterprise Edition only)

ActiveGo is a Go distribution that works out-of-the-box. No need for your team to go beyond the firewall...we supply the packages that your developers will need to get started. If you don't see a package you require, we can customize the distribution for you! Contact us for more information.

Now there are no more excuses--get started on your web and cloud projects with ActiveGo.

Download ActiveGo Beta