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ActiveGo: Go Built For Your Enterprise

Companies like Atlassian, Docker and Facebook have already embraced Go (Golang), and developers are increasingly turning to Go for web services, networking and fast systems development. But many organizations are still hesitant to use Go due to ongoing concerns over open source license compliance, support and security.

ActiveGo makes it easy to start using Go in your organization. With more than 70 of the top third-party packages curated and precompiled, and support from the open source language experts, ActiveGo lets you focus on progress with an out of the box Go distribution that "just works".

ActiveGo is available in the following editions:
  • Community Edition: Free for development and internal testing.
  • Business Edition: Production use and commercial support for small environments.
  • Enterprise Edition: Production use and priority support for large environments. Older versions of Go (1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7), custom builds, consultation and legal indemnification.

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Precompiled, Pre-verified and Pre-Optimized

ActiveGo includes the top Go packages, pre-verified to ensure against outdated or vulnerable versions, incompatibility and improper licensing. The packages are then incorporated through rigorous testing, patching and optimization to ensure compatibility and performance.

Build and ship faster with 70+ included Go packages:

  • Connect to your big data and databases including MongoDB, Cassandra, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Redis, Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server
  • Develop web applications and services in the cloud with AWS and Google App Engine
  • Create microservices with go-kit and go-micro
  • Increase developer productivity with tools for testing, error handling, debugging, code quality and logging
  • Enable enterprise applications with cryptography, networking and authorization packages
  • Operationalize machine learning with the TensorFlow Go binding and documentation

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Key Features for Business and Enterprise

When you're ready to go into production, get the benefits of open source Go along with the commercial support and quality assurance your organization needs.

Reduce Security Risks
Ensure security with the latest secure versions of Go packages and timely updates for critical issues.

Ensure License Compliance
Comply with your organization's open source policies against GPL and GNU licensing, and reduce risk with legal indemnification.

Commercial Support & Maintenance
Keep your IP out of public forums and get faster, more reliable help from Go experts with guaranteed response times and Service-Level Agreements.

Enforce Code Consistency
Maintain consistency from desktop to production - Windows, Linux, macOS and custom build availability

Avoid Lock-In with Open Source
100% compatible with open source Go so you can recruit skilled staff, ramp up faster and avoid vendor lock-in.

Accelerate Time to Market
Spend less time setting things up and more time getting things done, with the top Golang packages precompiled and ready to go.

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Start developing for free on Linux, macOS and Windows