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Zoom Attendance with Python
How to Take Zoom Attendance With Python
Learn how to calculate Zoom meeting registrants vs actual attendees using Python so you can always start your Zoom meetings on time.
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Top 10 Malicious Package Scanners
Learn the top tools for detecting malware & typosquatting as well as countering dependency confusion in open source dependencies.
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Serverless API with Python & Lambda
How to create a Serverless REST API with Python and AWS Lambda
One of the secret ingredients of practical software engineering is to ensure the solutions are simple and small. That’s essentially what the hype around serverless ...
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TLS Certificates with Python
How to prevent TLS certificates from expiring with Python
Trust is at the heart of online commerce. When consumers visit your website, they need to be comfortable sharing their personal or financial information with ...
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cybersecurity using python
Using Python for CyberSecurity Testing
Hack an application and your local network in this post, and learn why Python is the language of choice for many security engineers.
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blog aws
Integrating AWS Machine Learning Models with Your Java Microservice
I built my first Artificial Intelligence (AI) program almost 30 years ago. I took an identification key from a bird field guide and turned it ...
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jump to go
Making the Jump to Go: A Guide for Java Developers
If you’re a Java developer like me, chances are you’ve heard rumblings of a trendy new language that came out of Google: Go. And if, ...
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