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Disinformation Is An Open Source Problem

The Oxford dictionary defines disinformation as “false information which is intended to mislead.” That simple definition seems to understate the problem, given the fact that ...
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Anaconda Alternatives for Citizen Developers
Anaconda Python’s Data Science Blockers for Citizen Developers
Citizen developers like data scientists are not coding experts. Anaconda Python can help but enterprise devs are unlikely to use it. What now?
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Open source elephant in the room
The Future of Open Source: Addressing The Elephant In The Room
Without a realistic vision for open source security, 30 years of learned behaviour is hard to change. Learn why it takes a community.
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ASPM And Vulnerabilities
Application Posture Management & Open Source Security
ASPM provides enterprise-wide insight into vulnerabilities, but do you really need another tool to solve the problem of having too many tools?
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Vulnerable By Design
The Digital Supply Chain Is Vulnerable By Design
US CISA's Secure By Design software development principles prioritize security over features. Learn how to do it without losing market share.
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Outsoured Software Supply Chain Biz Case
The Business Case For An Outsourced Software Supply Chain
Outsourcing your software supply chain can not only save you money, but also help you realize your security & productivity goals. Learn more.
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Dependency Management
Software Supply Chain Security is a Dependency Management Problem
The pain of dependency management means vendors rarely update their apps leading to security issues. Learn how to automate dependency updates
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Anaconda Alternatives
ActiveState: The Anaconda Alternative for an Easier, More Secure Python
Python comes in many flavors, offering Pythonistas more than one way to accomplish their tasks. But for developers, the key criteria for making a choice ...
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ActiveState Announces Trusted Publisher Integration with PyPI
ActiveState is excited to help provide a new layer of security to Python package publishing through our integration with Trusted Publishing for PyPI. This integration ...
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Software Supply Chain Tech Debt
How To Outsource Software Supply Chain Maintenance
Open source software supply chain maintenance is the new tech debt. Learn how to minimize its costs through outsourcing.
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RedHat & Debian End Support For Python 2
Debian, CentOS & RHEL no longer support Python 2. Learn how ActiveState keeps your Python 2 app secure while automating migration to Python 3.
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Binary Scanner Risk
Why Binary Scanners Increase Cybersecurity Risk
Binary scanners provide security insight if source code is unavailable, but may result in more security risk than they resolve.
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Cybersecurity Burnout
How to Combat CyberSecurity Burnout
Cybersecurity burnout is increasing as incidents escalate. Learn how you can shift your focus from reactive to proactive with managed tools.
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