Trusted By Developers;
Proven For Enterprise

The freedom of open source
with the guarantees of commercial software

Track License Compliance

Identify and track the usage of open-source artifacts to ensure compliance with component-level license reporting

Meet Government Requirements

Comply with US government software vendor requirements by providing SBOMs and software attestations for your applications


Mitigate Commercial Liability

Legal indemnification for open-source software provides protection for your business, products, and services


Prevent Vulnerabilities & Malicious Code

Get notified when vulnerabilities are discovered in your project, as well as options to instantly resolve and rebuild your open source runtime environment

Software Supply Chain Security

Provide developers only with approved, securely-built open-source packages created from vetted source code

Reduce Operational Overhead

Let us securely build, update and maintain your open-source projects, freeing up developer time and resources

ActiveState vs Anaconda

ActiveState provides a more complete enterprise solution
with benefits beyond just the price tag, making it the perfect alternative to Anaconda

SLA-backed Support

Email, chat and phone-based support backed by a Service Level Agreement minimizes critical system downtime

Legacy Version Support

Support for End Of Life (EOL) open-source languages and platforms so you can continue to run outdated applications securely

Migration/Upgrade Support

Expert help identifying tooling, as well as migration/upgrade targets to ensure supportability, maintainability, and licensing.