We Support Black Lives Matter

ActiveState supports Black Lives Matter
There’s been so much already written and said about Black Lives Matter. Rather than raise our own voice, we choose to find ways to support sustainable change over time and to amplify wiser voices than ours (see below for a list of resources recommended by ActiveState staff.)
Towards our first end, our community donations program will focus on free software and open source projects that are fully or partially led by Black people and that seek to address institutionalized racism. At the end of 2020, we’ll broaden our focus again to support free software and open source projects that help create a more inclusive and more just society.
We hope that you’ll also take the long view. The protests matter now, but when the protests are gone, it will again be our everyday actions that make the world better or worse.
~ Zak Greant, VP Community and Marketing

Black Lives Matter Resources

Do you know of an open source project that is led by Black people or one that seeks to address institutionalized racism? Please email us at community@activestate.com or reach out on Twitter (@ActiveState) or Instagram (@activestatesoftware) and tell us about it!

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