Change 1236

Today Todd committed change 1236 to the Open Komodo tree, which to me is a particularly significant change for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s a really cool chunk of code that provides better smarts for our JavaScript autocomplete specifically related to the dojo JavaScript library.
  2. We didn’t write it, in fact the patch was written by Komodo user ( now hacker ) ‘liucougar’ and first posted to their blog, and then submitted in a Komodo bug report.

It has been about 6 months since we opened the Open Komodo repository and since then there has been a lot of progress in our effort to get people poking at the code base, building it, testing it out. Komodo Edit 4.3 is proudly based on pure open source code, and I’m happy to report an uptake on extension writing as well, with Davide Ficano’s Morekomodo extension leading the charge. I suspect that by the time we release Komodo 4.4 this summer we will have even more patches submitted, and more people hacking on Open Komodo. =)

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