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I’m very happy to announce that today we have released ActiveGo–ActiveState’s distribution of open source Go (Golang). Some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies have turned to Go to be the underlying technology to drive value for their customers. Netflix, BBC, Facebook, Docker, Atlassian and the company that brought Go to life, Google.

I’d like to thank everyone on our ActiveGo beta program for the feedback; so many diverse use cases! We would also like to thank the Go community for their support. With ActiveGo, we hope to make it easier for enterprises to adopt Go and increase adoption of the Go language worldwide. We’ve also got some interesting projects in the works that we’re bringing to the open source Go community, so stay tuned!

ActiveGo is designed to make it as easy as possible for an individual developer all the way up to teams of developers to get up and running with the Go language. To that end, we’ve released ActiveGo version 1.8.3 on Linux, macOS and Windows.

If you’re not already familiar with Go, it brings some distinct advantages, particularly for teams of developers.

1) Easy to learn–developers with experience in other languages can pick it up quickly.

2) Compiled language, statically typed to ensure high quality, but with extremely fast compile times!

3) Simplify production operations – deploy a single executable!

4) Built with maintainability in mind. If you are making that long term investment in a language for long lived applications, Go is a great choice. When you read the code you know what is going on.

5) Highly performant. Do more with less hardware. Go is designed with concurrency in mind to take full advantage of today’s multi-core processors.

6) Similarly, it scales exceedingly well for web services. Go is ideally suited for building a microservices architecture.

Pre-bundled Packages

ActiveGo is based on, and 100% compatible with, the open source distribution of Go. It is a complete version of the language and the tool chain. On top of that, we have added 75+ popular packages that will help you get started, point you in the right direction, and keep you productive as you build out your projects.

These include toolkits for microservices development, database connectors, helpful programming packages, big data support, web application development packages, the TensorFlow Go binding and many more. I urge you to check out our Golang packages page to see all the wonderful community projects we’ve included.

We’ve reviewed each package for the version (or commit) to use, ensure tests pass (where possible) and reviewed licenses before including them in the distribution, so you can use them in your projects with peace of mind. We’ve also provided full documentation, including the sub-repositories and all the packages included, both online and offline!

On top of the packages bundled into ActiveGo, we also include important packages that are part of the core Go Project but outside the main Go tree–no need to fetch them individually. We provide: crypto, oauth2, image, sync, sys, tools, tour, and text.

Go Tools

For tools, we’ve provided prebuilt versions of the delve debugger, and golint and goimports for code quality. Speaking of code quality, we recommend our Komodo IDE, a powerful multi-language IDE which is optionally offered as part of the Community Edition installation and included for free with a Business Edition license. Komodo has excellent support for Go, providing syntax highlighting, code browsing, completion hinting and more to come in the near future!

If you’ve been thinking about using Go for a project, ActiveGo is a great choice to get rolling. Try it out with ActiveGo Community Edition.

If you’re looking for a commercially supported version of Go for your project or across your entire enterprise, here are some advantages you’ll receive with ActiveGo.

1) Quarterly updates of vetted packages – consume at the pace your organization wants. We also do custom builds. Provide us your package list or ask for our recommendations!

2) Peace of mind that you are only a phone call or email away for support.

3) Timely release of critical security updates.

4) Intellectual property indemnification – compliance and assurance for your software bill of materials.

ActiveGo Community Edition is free for development and internal testing. Get started today!


We hope you enjoy ActiveGo!

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