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“ActivePerl is meeting, if not beating our expectations”20080811230900

“ActivePerl is meeting, if not beating our expectations”

Kendra PenroseAugust 11, 2008
Hard to believe it’s already the middle of August..and the end of the official summer months. How do I make myself feel better about the inevita...
XBL javascript completions (Mozilla JavaScript development)20080717172658

XBL javascript completions (Mozilla JavaScript development)

Todd WhitemanJuly 17, 2008
If you are working with Firefox extensions (or Mozilla derivate) and ever used a XBL binding, you soon find there are certain JavaScript API calls you...
Tabhunter – Find Firefox Tabs Easily20080715165140

Tabhunter – Find Firefox Tabs Easily

Eric PromislowJuly 15, 2008
I blogged about my Tabhunter Firefox extension a couple of weeks ago, and then on second thought decided to postpone the announcement until the AMO (a...
Let’s get cookin’20080713084604

Let’s get cookin’

jeffgJuly 13, 2008
One of the cooler things ActiveState did very early on was create the Cookbooks section of our ASPN site. The formula was simple: users submitted, com...
Komodo IDE 4.4 released!20080626165519

Komodo IDE 4.4 released!

activeblogJune 26, 2008, ,
Yesterday we released Komodo 4.4, which is the final minor release of Komodo before we hit the big 5-oh. You can read all the usual stuff here on Komo...
PPM build servers are dead — long live PPM!20080625165200

PPM build servers are dead — long live PPM!

Kendra PenroseJune 25, 2008
Our PPM build server infrastructure has been very maintenance intensive; it needed some manual tweaking and fixing on a weekly basis.  We finally coul...
Komodo 4.4 and a Kitchen Sink20080624164705

Komodo 4.4 and a Kitchen Sink

shanecJune 24, 2008
Komodo 4.4 is out today!  Komodo does amazing things, practically a kitchen sink of tools, but hopefully a whole lot more portable.  There’s a n...
A Star is Born20080624132750

A Star is Born

erin-williamsJune 24, 2008
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, allow me to introduce Komodo IDE 4.4! <clapping> Spend more time coding and less time searching, updating,...
What’s Robust and Worry-Free?20080620174508

What’s Robust and Worry-Free?

Kendra PenroseJune 20, 2008
ActivePerl for the Enterprise, of course! Find out how Finisar was able to focus on their own products and let ActiveState worry about maintaining the...
Komodo 4.4 Beta Released20080603212755

Komodo 4.4 Beta Released

erin-williamsJune 3, 2008
Calling all keeners! We’re cooking up some sweet new flavours* for Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit 4.4 so you can spend more time coding and less tim...