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Ok, time to do this blogging thing seriously again…20060612191621

Ok, time to do this blogging thing seriously again…

david-ascherJune 12, 2006blog
For a few months, I really dropped off the blogging wagon. Too much real-world stuff to do. But now that that’s calming down a bit, I feel it...


patrickcMarch 15, 2006activeperl
Note: While ActivePerl 5.8 can still be licensed by Team Tier customers, it is no longer maintained or supported. For these reasons, we highly recomme...
libpthread: how to get it20060206235309

libpthread: how to get it

kevinwFebruary 6, 2006komodo
On Linux, Komodo requires the standard pthreads library to be installed.  Some distributions have setup options that will omit this library. ...