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Disinformation Is An Open Source Problem

The Oxford dictionary defines disinformation as “false information which is intended to mislead.” That simple definition seems to understate the problem, given the fact that ...
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Goodbye PPM, Hello State Tool
Perl Dev Kit gets ActivePerl 5.10 support
ActiveState updated Perl Dev Kit (PDK) to 7.1, to add support for Perl 5.10 (in addition to the 5.6 and 5.8 support). PDK is the ...
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Pseudo-debugging Komodo JavaScript macros
Another link to the ActiveState community site… this article is at https://community.activestate.com/pseudo-debugging-komodo-javascript-macros
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Coding Like It's 1982: The RubyCamp WriteUp
Coding Like it’s 1982: The RubyCamp Writeup
I took a break from working on Komodo to build a rough Google Maps API app with Rails, and presented it at Vancouver RubyCamp this ...
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Exploring Firefox Event Objects Without Debugging
Exploring Firefox Event Objects without Debugging
For such a powerful tool, Firefox/Mozilla’s event objects aren’t very well documented. I still haven’t found one definitive, concise source of all the docs I ...
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komodo edit blog hero
I wrote this to the PyXPCOM list, but then thought I’d blog it for those who don’t read that list: A while back we open ...
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Call to Firefox Extension Developers
Call to Firefox extension developers
Mark Finkle has been making a call out to extension developers to update their extensions for Firefox 3.  His call, and some recent extensions that ...
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The Future of Software and Social Networks
My last few blogs have been pretty techie.  I’ve even been wondering if I should write about some messing around I’ve been doing on weekends ...
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Improving Ajax Performance by Being Selective
I spent a few days over the holidays messing around with Rails 2.0 and the Google Maps API.  Sure, these technologies aren’t the newest.  GMaps ...
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XML+CSS+Komodo==Cool Document Preview
A number of times recently I’ve had the idea of preview-ability for different XML formats come up.  Komodo has a simple browser preview built into ...
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Suppressing The Windows Error Report MessageBox With Subprocess And Ctypes
Supressing the Windows Error Report MessageBox with Subprocess and Ctypes
Hands up, anyone who’s written a Python script that was supposed to run for a long period of time unattended on a Windows box, only ...
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Adding New Languages to Komodo with UDL
Adding New Languages to Komodo with UDL
Kid: Adding a New Language to Komodo with UDL -1. This Tutorial doesn’t work with Komodo 4.2 The API changed slightly when 4.2 was released, ...
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Ok, time to do this blogging thing seriously again…
For a few months, I really dropped off the blogging wagon. Too much real-world stuff to do. But now that that’s calming down a bit, ...
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