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A Star is Born20080624132750

A Star is Born

erin-williamsLast Updated: July 22, 2019komodo
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, allow me to introduce Komodo IDE 4.4! <clapping> Spend more time coding and less time searching, updating,...
What’s Robust and Worry-Free?20080620174508

What’s Robust and Worry-Free?

Kendra PenroseLast Updated: July 24, 2019Case Study
ActivePerl for the Enterprise, of course! Find out how Finisar was able to focus on their own products and let ActiveState worry about maintaining the...
Komodo 4.4 Beta Released20080603212755

Komodo 4.4 Beta Released

erin-williamsLast Updated: July 15, 2019komodo
Calling all keeners! We’re cooking up some sweet new flavours* for Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit 4.4 so you can spend more time coding and less tim...
ActiveState an SD Times Top 10020080603155150

ActiveState an SD Times Top 100

erin-williamsLast Updated: November 5, 2018award nomination
If you are working with Firefox extensions (or Mozilla derivate) and ever used a XBL binding, you soon find there are certain JavaScript API calls you...
Numara Software Success Story20080528172407

Numara Software Success Story

Kendra PenroseLast Updated: July 19, 2019Case Study
“The code is solid and the quality is extremely high. We’re a very happy ActiveState customer.” – Mark Krieger, VP of Product ...
jssh replacement? SD Connector20080525200522

jssh replacement? SD Connector

shanecLast Updated: July 5, 2019
Quite a long time ago I made much ado about Snapdragon, a project to integrate Firefox development tools (e.g.Firebug) with Komodo (or other editors/I...
ActivePerl and a Trick Question20080516204723

ActivePerl and a Trick Question

Kendra PenroseLast Updated: July 11, 2019activeperl
Q:What’s better than May Long Weekend?  A: Nothing, eh! Well, I suppose the new release of ActivePerl comes pretty darn close. That’s...
Number of ActivePython downloads EXPLODED!20080512194831

Number of ActivePython downloads EXPLODED!

Kendra PenroseLast Updated: July 19, 2019activepython
Exploded in a good way (thankfully). Our ActivePython downloads tripled last month, which is pretty awesome!  We are obviously providing some use...
Success is…20080502205844

Success is…

shanecLast Updated: October 21, 2018komodo
So often in life, defining success is difficult. Is it 10 times ROI? Is it a shiny new bank account after an acquisition or IPO? (No, ActiveState is n...
Article Alert: Adding Test Harnesses to Komodo20080502011019

Article Alert: Adding Test Harnesses to Komodo

Eric PromislowLast Updated: November 5, 2018komodo
Once again, I’m dealing with the too-many-blogs problem by writing once, and pointing many times. I’ve published an article at the Ac...