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Numara Software Success Story20080528172407

Numara Software Success Story

Kendra PenroseLast Updated: July 19, 2019Case Study
“The code is solid and the quality is extremely high. We’re a very happy ActiveState customer.” – Mark Krieger, VP of Product ...
jssh replacement? SD Connector20080525200522

jssh replacement? SD Connector

shanecLast Updated: July 5, 2019
Quite a long time ago I made much ado about Snapdragon, a project to integrate Firefox development tools (e.g.Firebug) with Komodo (or other editors/I...
ActivePerl and a Trick Question20080516204723

ActivePerl and a Trick Question

Kendra PenroseLast Updated: July 11, 2019activeperl
Q:What’s better than May Long Weekend?  A: Nothing, eh! Well, I suppose the new release of ActivePerl comes pretty darn close. That’s...
Number of ActivePython downloads EXPLODED!20080512194831

Number of ActivePython downloads EXPLODED!

Kendra PenroseLast Updated: July 19, 2019activepython
Exploded in a good way (thankfully). Our ActivePython downloads tripled last month, which is pretty awesome!  We are obviously providing some use...
Success is…20080502205844

Success is…

shanecLast Updated: October 21, 2018komodo
So often in life, defining success is difficult. Is it 10 times ROI? Is it a shiny new bank account after an acquisition or IPO? (No, ActiveState is n...
Article Alert: Adding Test Harnesses to Komodo20080502011019

Article Alert: Adding Test Harnesses to Komodo

Eric PromislowLast Updated: November 5, 2018komodo
Once again, I’m dealing with the too-many-blogs problem by writing once, and pointing many times. I’ve published an article at the Ac...
Another day, another baby dragon born20080501223855

Another day, another baby dragon born

shanecLast Updated: July 11, 2019komodo
I’m always happy to announce the birth of a new version of Komodo!  4.4 Alpha 1 is up on our download servers.  You can find out the d...
We support Oracle® Enterprise Linux20080501190542

We support Oracle® Enterprise Linux

activeblogLast Updated: July 24, 2019linux
We are happy to announce that ActiveState now supports Oracle® Enterprise Linux – yup, all ActiveState products have been tested for compatibili...
JavaScript ‘re.findall’ workalike20080428224827

JavaScript ‘re.findall’ workalike

jeffgLast Updated: August 5, 2022javascript
Having done a lot of low-complexity JavaScript and a lot of regex work in back-end languages like PHP and Python, I found myself stumped again trying ...
Komodo does it all: Google App Engine20080421164458

Komodo does it all: Google App Engine

shanecLast Updated: July 5, 2019komodo
So many APIs, so little time.  From early on, one of our major goals with Komodo was to make it easily extensible from a variety of methods. We s...