Last Updated: July 22, 2019

Release the L♥VE!

Who doesn’t love fresh bits? We’ve been working hard to bring you a Valentine’s day treat. Today, we have a full set of new distributions for you to enjoy across the language spectrum.

ActivePerl, ActivePython or ActiveTcl – take your pick, each one has been updated. A total of 6 versioned releases in all, so you have your choice of the fresh bits that suit your needs.

Take the time to update your stodgy old installations with the latest and greatest – you’ll love them!

Jeff Hobbs

Jeff Hobbs

Jeff Hobbs is our CTO & VP, Engineering and oversees all ActiveState product development including our cloud solutions. Though he’s responsible for leading and fostering our talented development team, Jeff is a coder at heart! He is passionate about technologies that just work, making the lives of developers easier. His current obsession is making Stackato the best private PaaS platform for developers: using any language, any infrastructure, and leveraging open source - so that applications just deploy and scale in any cloud.