Success is…

So often in life, defining success is difficult. Is it 10 times ROI? Is it a shiny new bank account after an acquisition or IPO? (No, ActiveState is not at that stage, I’m just dreaming of my own Central American island.) Well, those are nice when they happen, but not as personally fulfilling as seeing users excited enough about the software you write that they make the effort to tell others, or contribute something to it. We’ve always had some level of that happening around Komodo, but in the last year it has really begun to take off.  There are more and more people making those contributions, and that is awesome. Here’s a blog entry where the user has gone to the extent to do a lengthy screencast introducing the features of Komodo Edit, and one of our contributors just released a side-by-side diff extension. I find I like thinking of success as having lots of interested and engaged users.

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