Top 10 Blogs from 2016

top 10

It’s my favourite blog of the year – where I list the articles I found the most memorable, interesting, and educational from 2016 (in my humble opinion). Read on to find the winners (in no particular order)!

    1. R vs Python: A False Dichotomy 
      Do you need to choose between R or Python? Tom doesn’t think so.
    2. Coming Out of the Shadows: Getting Buy-In From Your IT Dept 
      In this blog, Jennifer discusses the spectre of shadow IT and the consequences it can have for large organizations.
    3. Top 11 Tips and Tricks for Komodo X
      An updated tips and tricks for Komodo? Yes, please! Carey shares his favourites.
    4. Technical Debt in High Tech – A CEO’s Perspective
      Bart discusses how technical debt can accumulate over time and hold companies back from achieving their goals.
    5. Getting Exposure For Your Open Source Project 
      Jeff shares practical tips on how get the word out on your open source projects.
    6. Tcl For Big Data: How I Recovered Millions of Transactions Using Tcl 
      In this blog, Shaun reminisces about the time Tcl helped him recover millions of transactions worth tens of thousands in revenue.
    7. Perl: Language, Community, and the Future 
      The Perl community is a big reason why Perl remains so vibrant and necessary. Tom elaborates on why and how.
    8. ActiveState 2016 Open Source Survey 
      What are our readers’ thoughts on open source? Find out in this blog/infographic!
    9. Tipping Point in Open Source Security
      Enterprises rely on open source more and more, but how can they protect themselves from potential security issues?
    10. ActiveState: Open Source Languages Company 
      What is ActiveState up to? Find out in this blog!

Do you agree with this list? What were your favourites? Tweet us (@activestate) or share in the comments below!

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