Top 3 Open Source Databases: ActiveState Survey Results

Along with our recent ActiveState release of key Python database connector modules, ActiveState surveyed our developer community about what Open Source database they were using in production environments, what platforms they were deploying their databases on, what size their production databases actually were and if any of them were putting their production database onto clouds.

Here are the Survey results:

(1) What open source software databases do you currently use in your production environment(s)?

No real surprise here, Survey says 80.6% of respondents are using MySQL in production environments.

(2) On what operating system is the open source database primarily deployed on?

Survey responses showed an almost 50/50 split between Linux and Windows – interestingly, 100% of the Linux respondents had at least 1 MySQL database deployed in production.

(3) How big is your current open source database?

83.9% responded with under <50GB production databases.

Of course, we also asked  a “cloud” question – to see if any of those surveyed had deployed a production database to the cloud and a resounding 93% said “No”.

Where is all the production data?

The most interesting results was the Size question – the majority of the production databases were under 50 GB, with one lone HP-UX respondent having two production databases in the 500GB to 1TB Range (one MySQL and one PostgreSQL).  Begging the question:  Where are all the terabytes of data being stored these days if not in OS databases?  Is MySQL the database of choice for those with smaller databases requirements – and are the proprietary  databases like Oracle where the really big data storage challenges are being met?  – We’ll have to do another survey and dig deeper next month!

Active Python Rises to the Challenge

ActivePython now provides five key Python database modules; mysql-python, psycopg2, cx_Oracle, pyodbc, and pymssql. With the addition of these modules, ActivePython now supports the world’s most popular proprietary and open source databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
Regardless of where you want to store your data, in an open source or proprietary database; behind the corporate firewall or on the Cloud – ActiveState’s ActivePython has the databases connectors you need to get the job done.

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