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Being stuck at home can make you feel like you are stuck in a rut! If you are in between jobs or looking to test your coding skills, these coding challenges will be sure to break the monotony. Get ready for anything your next interview or programming language of choice will throw at you.

Take one or more of these challenges to learn something new or become an expert in your chosen language!

1) Edabit

Beginner – Advanced

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Based on a game progression system with experience points, achievements and levels. Edabit makes learning and progressing fun. With 8 languages to choose, from C# to Swift, Edabit has thousands of challenges for each language. Choose your level from “very easy” to “expert” and you’ll be sure to learn something new.

2) Kaggle

Intermediate – Advanced

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Kaggle is an online community of data scientists and machine learning programmers. With over 50,000 datasets and 400,000 notebooks to download and use in your data science work, there is more than enough to do for a lifetime. Their competitions feature rewards from Kaggle merch to cash prizes! 

Check out our feature of their COVID-19 challenge here!


Beginner – Intermediate

exercism logo

Exercism has over 3,000 exercises across a dizzying 51 languages. From the popular ones such as Python to the old school ones such as Perl. Exercism has a great mentor-based method of learning and 100% of it is free, all made possible by grant funding.

4) TopCoder

Intermediate – Advanced

topcoder logo

In a similar vein to Kaggle, TopCoder is one of the original platforms for competitive programming. They are best known for their single round matches that are offered a couple of times a month. However, if you want more of a relaxed approach they do provide a list of their past challenges that you can complete using their online editor.

5) CoderByte

Beginner – Intermediate

coderbyte logo

CoderByte is no slouch compared to the other websites on this list. Where they shine, however, is preparing you for your next programming interview. From all-purpose to specific “interview kits” for companies such as Google, CoderByte has got you covered to impress your interviewers!

6) CodeWars

Beginner – Intermediate

codewars logo

CodeWars has challenges for 29 languages with 22 more currently in beta. With a sleek online editor called “Kata”, CodeWars’s challenges are submitted and edited directly by their community. Each challenge comes with its very own discussions that you can participate in!

7) CodinGame

Beginner – Advanced

codingame logo

Have you ever been told by a parent to stop playing games and focus on studying? Well, now you can do both at the same time! CodinGame is a new take on the good old formula of “coding challenge in our online editor”. While you are still using their web editor, the result of their exercise is you building a video game, and seeing it play before your eyes!

8) Hacker Rank

Intermediate – Advanced

hackerrank logo

HackerRank is for those who are mainly interested in the mathematics side of things, with challenges concerning algorithms, SQL, functional programming, AI, and such. Each of their challenges comes with a text that explains how the challenge was created and advice on how to approach it rather than simply dropping a solution in your lap.

9) The Advent of Code

Beginner – Advanced

advent of code logo

An annual series of programming puzzles made by a single community member and designed to be solved using any language you want to use. Complete with leaderboards, statistics, and its own subreddit, Advent of Code is the perfect winter holiday fun for programmers! 

10) ActiveState Platform

Anyone who wants to make more time for real coding and challenging projects

ActiveState's platform

Coding can become tedious when it comes with a deadline. Trying to line up language ecosystems, operating systems, build tooling, and dependencies that continually change can be an almost impossible challenge. The good news? You can avoid all of that and get to the fun parts by using the ActiveState Platform to take care of all the boring stuff for you! Check it out here.

Coding challenges are a great way to learn, prepare for an interview or boost your skills! With how in-demand and popular coding has become in the last years there is an abundance of great websites waiting for you to try their hand at them. 

For all the non-fun challenges that come with coding, don’t forget to give the ActiveState Platform a try! 

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