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  • Beta Baby!

    Yessiree, the moment you've all been waiting for: Komodo IDE 5.0 is now in beta!

    The beta phase is an opportunity for the Komodo community to help ActiveState test new functionality, identify bugs, and enhance the quality of the upcoming release. If you're up for the challenge, go check out the new features:

  • Komodo macro for automatically finishing img tags

    You know how you're supposed to add the height and width attributes to an img tag? I know, I know, this is the sort of thing we're supposed to use computers for. After all, it's tedious to look up that information, and it makes your HTML more brittle, since when you change the image the rest of the tag also goes out of date.  This is so first-normal-form, and yet apparently some people still hit the web via dial-up.

  • w00t! It's PDK 7.3!

    Maybe better than loot, Perl Dev Kit 7.3 is now available. Why so good? 'Cause there are bug fixes and improvements that'll make your day.

  • Bonjour!

    Every now and again I spend a weekend day working needlessly on something I shouldn't.  Today that was the SD Connector.  SD Connector (released under MPL/GPL/LGPL) is an extension that works in Komodo and Firefox, providing a way to write simple socket services, both server side and client side.  The sample services include an echo server, a simple JavaScript shell (accessible via telnet) and a JSON rpc server.  They are in varying states of readiness, largely in

  • Avoiding the Epic Fail

    Software development is hard. No matter what the end product, many of the same stumbling blocks come up time and again and get in the way of project success. Some classic pitfalls include time restraints, insufficient in-house resources, scope creep, and spiraling development costs. So how do software developers minimize these obstacles and improve their chances for better, faster, more cost-effective software development?

    ActivePerl of course!

  • Double Your ActivePerl, Double Your Fun

    What's better than an ActivePerl release? Two, of course! We've updated both ActivePerl tracks (one for users who have moved to Perl 5.10, the other for folks who rely on Perl 5.8).

    ActivePerl has lots of new goodies and loads of new modules—a year's worth! Waaay too many to list here, so you'd best check out our docs. Or, throw caution to the wind, and just download it and see for yourself!

  • Tabs and snippets: when 4 + 8 still gives you 8

    [Blogging while the ActiveState web site goes through a bit more reorganization...]

    First, Komodo snippets let you prepare boilerplate snippets of code that you can quickly insert into programs while writing them. For example, if you're writing a JavaScript component, you can type 'namespace', press Ctrl-T (default binding), and end up with this:

  • "ActivePerl is meeting, if not beating our expectations"

    Hard to believe it's already the middle of August..and the end of the official summer months. How do I make myself feel better about the inevitable change in seasons? Well, I curl up on my chaise lounge and read a success story about another happy ActiveState customer.

  • XBL javascript completions (Mozilla JavaScript development)

    If you are working with Firefox extensions (or Mozilla derivate) and ever used a XBL binding, you soon find there are certain JavaScript API calls you can use to make working with XBL easier, such as

    • document.getAnonymousNodes()
    • document.getAnonymousElementByAtttibute()

    Unfortunately, Komodo does not provide completions for these methods by default (as they are browser specific calls), but you can easily add these XBL methods through a Komodo API catalog.

  • Tabhunter - Find Firefox Tabs Easily

    I blogged about my Tabhunter Firefox extension a couple of weeks ago, and then on second thought decided to postpone the announcement until the AMO ( accepted my submission. So here it is. The extension's at - the details...I blogged about my Tabhunter Firefox extension a couple of weeks ago, and then on second thought decided to postpone the announcement until the AMO ( accepted my submission.  So here it is.