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  • Ok, time to do this blogging thing seriously again...

    For a few months, I really dropped off the blogging wagon. Too much real-world stuff to do. But now that that's calming down a bit, I feel it's about right to get back into it. And boy, is it hard. First, reading. I'm hoping that NetNewsWire, which I'm evaluating, will allow me to deal with the mountain of feeds better than BlogLines. Right now it's saying "5556", which I fear is the number of posts I need to triage.

  • ActivePerl

    I'm happy to announce that we released ActivePerl today. The main highlights over are:

    • Based on Perl 5.8.8, plus bug fixes and module updates
    • Mac OS X version runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs
    • 64 bit beta versions available for Windows, Linux and Solaris

    As usual, you can download it via the main ActivePerl page:

    Note that there is a separate link for downloading the 64 bit Beta versions.

  • libpthread: how to get it

    On Linux, Komodo requires the standard pthreads library to be installed.  Some distributions have setup options that will omit this library.  This article will briefly describe what threads are, why they're important to Komodo, and how to install libpthread on the system.