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  • ActiveGo Beta is Available
    ActiveGo Beta Release

    Some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies have turned to Go to be the underlying technology to drive value for their customers. Netflix, BBC, Facebook, Docker, Atlassian, and the company that brought Go to life, Google. And why not? It is quick to learn, easy to master, and above all easy to maintain by individuals all the way up to large teams of engineers. On top of that, the Go community is welcoming with an inclusive and friendly culture--always wanting to continually innovate on the technology.

  • Komodo 10.2.1 Released

    Today we're releasing version 10.2.1 for Komodo IDE and Edit. This is a stability release, meaning it only seeks to address stability issues and UX bugs. It does not add any new functionality.

    Most notably, this release fixes the issue where formatters were no longer working, which was a regression in the 10.2.0 release.

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  • Recording Programmable Macros

    I’ve been using Komodo for roughly 10 years, 4 of them as a Komodo Developer. One of the main features that made me use Komodo in the first place was its macros, and the accompanying toolbox to manage them (as well as other tools).

    These days macros might not sound so impressive, but 10 years ago they sure were. And even these days I rarely really get a use out of them the way I do in Komodo.

  • How Picis Clinical Solutions Excels with ActivePerl OEM

    Picis Clinical Solutions creates an advanced set of integrated solutions for emergency departments, surgical suites, and intensive care units for hospitals around the world - covering more than 40 million emergency care visits each year.

  • Slacking Off With Komodo

    As a relatively new developer, and a complete lightweight when compared to the rest of the Komodo development team, I find myself sharing snippets, errors and diffs for review quite often. Since I like to share (Mom and Dad taught me well), I thought it was important to make it easier to share in Komodo. At one point, a Komodo user was limited to using to do this, and only in limited areas of Komodo. In 10.2, we've extended Komodo to allow our users to share more easily and in more ways.

  • Komodo 10.2 Released! New Unit Testing, Slack Sharing, Yarn Support

    The Komodo team has been hard at work, and some of that work you can feast your eyes upon today with the release of Komodo IDE 10.2. This release is focussed primarily on two features: unit testing and Slack sharing, but it's not just about the features; we've fixed roughly 100 bugs and made quite a few improvements and enhancements. We hope you enjoy this iteration of Komodo IDE and look forward to your feedback!

  • Welcome Go 1.8
    Golang Gopher

    Last week I had the pleasure of attending the GolangVan Meetup, the Vancouver group devoted to all things Go. Hootsuite graciously hosted 44 gophers to celebrate the release of 1.8 - it was great to see the interest and growth of Go in the Vancouver tech community. This was one of over 70 release parties world-wide.

  • ActivePython 3.5.3 Release
    ActivePython 3.5.3

    The Python releases have come at a very steady pace over the last two months, consistently moving the language ahead. Recently, the Python Software Foundation produced the latest release in the 3.5 series--Python 3.5.3.

  • Code Formatting with Komodo IDE

    How many times have you copied a large chunk of HTML or XML from a web page or software application and pasted it into Komodo IDE, only to find that it's either all on one line or not indented properly, and thus a nightmare to read? What about if you need to ensure your CSS or JavaScript code is formatted properly before you commit it? How can you ensure your Python code is correctly indented?

  • ActiveTcl 8.6.6 Released
    ActiveTcl 8.6.6

    UPDATE Apr 13, 2017: ActiveTcl 8.6.6 is now available on macOS.
    UPDATE Feb 7, 2017: ActiveTcl 8.6.6 is now available on Windows.

    The Tcl Core Team has done an outstanding job with the 8.6 series, with 8.6.6 being the latest version. This version contains some enhancements, but the bulk of the release are bug fixes and improvements to items started earlier in the 8.6 lineage.