ActiveState Business Edition

Power your business with Perl, Python and Tcl

If you're using ActivePerl, ActivePython, or ActiveTcl on production servers, then you require ActiveState Business Edition, the commercially supported edition of Perl, Python and Tcl.

Business Edition annual licenses provide commercial support with access to current and legacy builds and repositories, and is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

Business Edition is ideal for finance, aerospace, defense, and government organizations that have small deployments of Perl, Python, or Tcl in internal business-critical applications.

Not sure which edition is right for you? Check our Compare Editions chart.

Included Features

Licensing is annual for each production or external-facing server (i.e. each instance), including virtual servers*. Each license provides:

Commercial Support at an Affordable Price

Troubleshooting via support forums costs you in labor time and unreliable results. With Business Edition support, you ensure maximum productivity and uptime, as well as peace of mind.

  • Ensure maximum uptime for your business-critical applications
  • Comply with requirements to have supported open source products
  • Receive security fixes for the most recent builds
  • Keep your development issues private
  • Count on dynamic languages support and expertise at your fingertips
  • Free up development time to focus on your core competencies
  • Starts at $1200/instance/year

Access to Current and Legacy Versions**

Get the language version you need on the platform you want. The following versions are available for purchase with Business Edition:

  • ActivePerl 5.8, 5.10, 5.12, 5.14, 5.16, 5.18, 5.20, 5.22, 5.24
  • ActivePython 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
  • ActiveTcl 8.4, 8.5, 8.6

Our language distributions are available for the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX

If you're interested in HP-UX, Solaris or AIX, please contact us for a custom quote.

Complimentary Komodo IDE License

With the purchase of a Business Edition license you will also receive our award-winning integrated development environment Komodo IDE at no additional cost. Ask your ActiveState Account Manager for more information.

Fast and easy module management

  • Find and install modules quickly and easily with access to the package manager for your respective language (PPM, PyPM and Teapot)
  • Note: Module availability varies by language and version. Each package manager reflects the most up-to-date module availability

Commercial Support Coverage

Support services include support for the build, installation, usage, configuration, and diagnosis of Business Edition. What you get:

  • Email support with 2-day response time (if you need faster response times for mission-critical applications, consider Enterprise Edition)
  • 30-day installation & configuration support***
  • Correction and/or access to material errors, updates, upgrades, security advisories and bug fixes for the Software, when and if binary builds are available from ActiveState
  • Online access to allow the Licensee to obtain Software patch level updates and to access archival versions

Enterprise Edition for Large Implementations

Additional support, including enhanced SLA and best practices guidance is available through Enterprise Edition. For advanced support and consulting, including custom builds, module customization, and development advice, ask us about Consulting Services.

Learn more about Enterprise Edition

GSA Contract Holder

US Government purchaser? If you are a US Government purchaser (federal or local/state agency), please note that ActiveState is a GSA Contract Holder (GSA #GS-35F-0097X). You can search for our products on the GSA Advantage site for GSA pricing, or contact us for a quote here or at 1.866.631.4581.

GSA Advantage



*Business Editions licenses are per language, per version, per server. For instance, if you need ActivePerl 5.10 and 5.18 and intend to use the software on 3 production servers, this constitutes six instances; 5.10 on servers 1, 2, 3, and 5.18 on servers 1, 2, 3 

** Please contact us for further clarification should you have any questions.

***Support services do not cover:

  • Software design, system design, code development and other practices (see the Support and License Agreement)
  • Third party software/modules/packages used in conjunction with ActiveState Business Edition
  • Modifications to Business Edition, such as modified packages or modified source code