State of Enterprise CI/CD 2020

While 80% of software organizations have implemented CI/CD, only 20% are very happy with it. This survey is our attempt to understand why.

Why should you participate?

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery or Deployment (CI/CD) is an agile software development best practice designed to enable more frequent and reliable code changes. And if you’re building a commercial application, who wouldn’t want that? As a result, there are a large number of CI/CD vendors with various offerings, but no universal out-of-the-box approach exists.

This survey is designed to help us all understand what works, what doesn’t, and share best practices so we can all improve our CI/CD implementations. Anyone working with, managing or impacted by CI/CD is eligible to participate.

(It takes about 5 minutes to complete. At the end, you can access a copy of the early results right away)

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ActiveState and CI/CD – What’s the connection?

With a 20 year history of open source language support for organizations both large and small, we’ve seen some common pitfalls that may be negatively impacting CI/CD implementations, including:

  • Reproducibility – with more frequent code check-ins and deployments, any inconsistencies between dev, test, and production environments can introduce major stumbling blocks.
  • Transparency – security and compliance issues that arise from a lack of provenance around open source language artifacts can also hold up the CI/CD chain.

Here at ActiveState, we’re researching how our multi-language, multi-platform open source language automation platform (the ActiveState Platform) can help improve enterprise CI/CD tooling and practices. We’re expanding our efforts by launching the State of Enterprise CI/CD Survey, and we need your help.

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When you finish filling this survey you get your copy of the preliminary report right away. An extensive report with insights and industry advice will be emailed to you a few weeks later.