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ActiveGo: Pre-bundled, Supported Go Distribution

Companies like Atlassian, Docker and Facebook have already embraced Go (Golang), and developers are increasingly turning to Go for web services, networking and fast systems development. Easy to learn, Go gives you the best of both worlds—fast development with runtime speeds similar to C++ or Java that can be deployed in a single executable.

ActiveGo makes it easy to start using Go in your organization. Focus on productivity with over 70 of the most popular Go libraries and tools already included, and satisfy enterprise requirements for commercial support, security and open source license compliance.

ActiveGo is available in the following editions:
  • Community Edition: Free for development and internal testing.
  • Business Edition: Production use and commercial support for small environments.
  • Enterprise Edition: Production use and priority support for large environments. Previous versions of Go, custom builds, consultation and indemnification can be provided.

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Komodo IDE: Faster, Easier Go Development

Komodo IDE is ActiveState's professional, multi-language IDE supporting Go, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript and other major languages and frameworks. With Komodo, there is no need to switch IDEs when moving from one language to another.

Komodo automatically detects Go files and provides features such as:

  • Syntax highlighting and checking (linting)
  • Code folding
  • CodeIntel completions and calltips
  • Code outline (Code Browser/Sections List)
  • Goto Definition
  • Unit testing
  • Version control
  • Multi-language visual debugging
  • Collaborative editing for teams
  • Extensibility and customization

Start developing today with the Komodo IDE 21-day free trial, and get complimentary Komodo IDE licensing with ActiveGo Business or Enterprise Edition.

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