Solutions for High Tech

Solutions for High Tech

Today’s software and hardware development teams are under greater pressure to create applications that perform faster, provide greater customer value, all on shorter timelines than ever before!

To meet tough demands, developers are turning to open source languages for fast and flexible coding. But once embedded in an application, dynamic languages are often ignored, which can eventually degrade the quality of your applications or put your organization at risk for Intellectual Property infringement lawsuits.

If you are considering using an open source language in your applications, trust ActiveState to help take your applications to market faster while eliminating legal risk. Here’s how we work with companies like Cisco, CA, Synopsys, Juniper Networks, ADP, Ixia, and others:

Faster, Higher Quality Software Development

With ActiveState’s commercially supported builds, your developers won’t waste time and effort packaging dynamic languages for their projects. Our distributions are fully tested and quality-assured. They provide worry-free implementation and significant time savings for installing and managing language modules. Let ActiveState worry about managing dynamic languages so that your team can focus on what they do best: delivering quality products faster.

Use ActiveState Enterprise and Business solutions to deploy open source languages with confidence. Rest easy knowing you’re using commercial or enterprise-grade builds tested for reliability, security, interoperability and scalability. With priority access to our experts as your team’s right hand, you’ll benefit from time-saving advice, technical support, and regular fixes. Our experts will work with your teams to ensure the code at the core of your applications is efficient and reliable. Development teams have saved days or even months of developer time by eliminating the time it takes to build, test and maintain their own open source language distributions.

Komodo IDE is ActiveState’s award-winning, professional development environment for open source languages and frameworks.

Prevent Costly, Reputation-Damaging Lawsuits

On top of development time savings, ISVs and hardware vendors that embed dynamic languages in enterprise applications—like CA, Alcatel-Lucent, VMWare, Cisco and many others—rely on ActiveState’s OEM solutions for turn-key redistribution rights. By relying on ActiveState to license open source dynamic languages and modules properly, our OEM customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re covered with indemnification against potential copyright infringement lawsuits.

Keep Intellectual Property Safe

Do your developers rely on the open source community for timely answers to questions and problems? Waiting for responses can derail development deadlines and your team could be exposing private development issues on public forums. Don’t compromise privacy standards or application quality. ActiveState Business, Enterprise, and OEM Editions take the worry out of using dynamic languages. When you need to deliver quality software on a tight deadline, ActiveState dynamic language solutions make your development and distribution fast and easy, eliminating all legal risks along the way.

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