OEM Solutions

Reduce Legal Risk, Ensure Compliance with Redistribution Rights

Leading software, hardware, and aerospace vendors such as Cisco, VMWare, Lockheed Martin, and The Boeing Company rely on ActiveState’s language distributions embedded in their products to get to market faster and provide the risk-free reliability their customers demand.

If you need a scripting language to power your application and have plans for redistributing an open source language, ignoring licensing terms can be dangerous. It can cost you in IP infringement lawsuits, hefty lawyers’ bills and a damaged reputation.

Get turn-key redistribution licenses and eliminate legal risks with ActiveState OEM licensing for bundling any ActiveState Community*, Business, or Enterprise Edition language builds.

Eliminate Legal Risk

Get peace of mind by trusting ActiveState OEM licensing to eliminate legal headaches and costs that can occur when you distribute open source software in commercial products.

  • Get turn-key licensing including third-party modules to eliminate lengthy legal reviews
  • Reduce time to market by not spending time deciphering complex open source licensing
  • Get legal indemnification coverage to avoid costly IP infringement lawsuits.**

Take Quality Products to Market Faster

ActiveState’s language distributions are built and tested by expert open source language developers so your team starts with a solid foundation from which to build upon.

  • Get standardized builds across all the operating systems and platforms your customers’ demand
  • Save time with precompiled languages that address module-level dependencies
  • Focus your developers on application development and rely on ActiveState for building, testing, and maintaining your language distribution

Increase Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Bundling the leading commercial scripting languages with your products will help you close deals faster and eliminate customer concerns with open source licensing.

  • Provide seamless customer experience by including the scripting language with your product
  • Make installation easier with cross-platform standardization
  • Ease customer and partner worries with effective licensing so they don’t have to worry about third-party components
  • Get the indemnification coverage that your customers demand**

Note: If you prefer to wrap rather than embed your applications, contact us about additional Enterprise Edition available add-ons for our language distributions.

Get On-Demand Commercial Support

Rely on ActiveState’s experts to resolve your development teams’ and your customers’ issues privately rather than in public forums. From troubleshooting to emergency in-production coverage, with Enterprise Edition OEM customers get unlimited incidents, priority access to core dynamic languages experts, guaranteed fast response times and fixes delivered directly to you. When you are under pressure to speed-up development cycles to get to market faster, you get priority access to ActiveState’s experts to help your development team keep projects on track.

ActiveState OEM licensing options are your best choice for licensing the highest-quality open source language builds for embedding in your products.

* Our Community Edition licenses alone do not allow for redistribution. Get a quote based on your needs to ensure you have the appropriate license.

** Indemnification coverage is only available for Enterprise Edition OEM customers.