Open Source Early Access Program

Open Source Early Access Program for the ActiveState Platform

Free cross-platform build infrastructure for open source projects

Python-based open source projects are invited to participate in our early access program for the ActiveState Platform. Participants in the program will help us understand how to improve the ActiveState Platform for all open source projects. They’ll also get free access to the Platform’s features for their project, including:
  • The ability to create and share custom runtimes for Linux, macOS and Windows. These runtimes can include specific releases of Python and can run in a sandboxed environment, ensuring trouble-free deployment for your users and easier debugging for your contributors.
  • Transparent licensing. These runtimes will have the same licensing as your project and its existing dependencies. Glue code from ActiveState will be MIT licensed for maximum compatibility.
  • Cloud-based build infrastructure that you don’t have to configure, manage or pay for.
  • Shared secrets, to make it easier for project contributors to securely share credentials.
  • Much more. Get the details here.
Integrate python with activestate platform

How can I apply and learn more?

Read the Open Letter to the Open Source Community from Bart Copeland, ActiveState’s CEO, to get a broad overview of the program.

To apply and learn more, visit our forum (which includes a program FAQ).

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