Latest Release of ActivePython Includes Support For Pyflakes, Pytest, Coverage, and More
ActivePerl and ActivePython Languages Now Include Polyglot Komodo IDE
The introduction of ActiveRuby™, ActiveNode™, ActiveGo™, and ActiveLua™ will more than double the number of open source languages ActiveState® supports.
New Tutorial Tool facilitates the creation of customized, in-house training tutorials for developers
Includes support for Cordova and PhoneGap, remote Chrome debugging, additional JavaScript frameworks including Angular, React, Ember, and build system integration with Grunt and Gulp
Support for Python 3.5 and PHP 7, Quick Bookmarks and Run Code In-line for Increased Productivity, Syntax Checking for Swift, Mustache, Lua, R Lang, and More
Tons of new features including Docker and Vagrant integration, Package Installer, Distraction-Free Mode, Real-Time In-Line Spell Checking
Cost, Community and Innovation Among Key Reasons for Organizations to Engage with Open Source Technologies