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Platform & CLI Tool

Our Platform and CLI-tool were created to provide a comprehensive suite of development tools. They empower developers by seamlessly integrating language management, security, compliance, and deployment solutions. This cohesive ecosystem fosters efficient development processes, ensuring streamlined management and utilization of programming language packages and environments.


Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions designed to simplify and enhance various aspects of software development, from managing diverse programming languages to ensuring security, compliance, and efficient deployment.

State Tool

Our CLI-tool is a powerful, user-friendly solution that simplifies the installation, management, and utilization of programming language packages and environments, streamlining the development process for software engineers.


At ActiveState, constant product updates are a priority, ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation. Our dedicated team consistently enhances features, addresses issues, and introduces improvements to deliver cutting-edge tools that cater to evolving developer needs. This commitment to regular updates ensures that our products stay reliable, efficient, and aligned with the latest industry standards.

Product Updates

Easily track our latest product updates on the ActiveState Platform and State Tool.

Open Source Maintainers

Apply to get Enterprise features for your OSS project.

Package and Language Updates

View our latest dependency patches available on the platform and CLI.


We offer easy access to programming languages through our platform, providing curated language distributions, tools, and environments that simplify installation and usage. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, ActiveState ensures convenient and reliable access to a wide array of languages for your projects.

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