Ruby Gem Management


ActiveRuby is precompiled with over 40 of the top Ruby gems, so you can focus on coding, not configuration. Take the pain out of gem management with ActiveRuby.

Build web applications faster with top Ruby gems:

Database Connectors

  • pg (interface to PostgreSQL)
  • mysql2 (MySQL library)
  • sqlite3 (SQLite bindings)
  • dalli (Memcached client)
  • activerecord (Connects classes to relational database tables)
Big Data

  • cassandra-driver (Cassandra driver)
  • mongo (MongoDB driver)
  • redis (Redis client)
Rails and Web Development

  • rails and related gems (Ruby on Rails web framework, actionmailer, actionpack, actionview, activejob, activemodel, activesupport)
  • sinatra (Sinatra web framework)
  • aws-sdk (AWS support)
  • puma (lightweight concurrent web server)
  • rack (interface for API building, microservices)
  • sprockets (web assets library)
  • websocket-driver (WebSocket protocols)
  • rack (interface for API building, microservices)
Developer Tools

  • byebug (debugger)
  • concurrent-ruby (concurrency tools)
  • bundler (controlling dependencies)
  • gem (installing and updating gems)
  • json (JSON with C extensions)
  • logging, log4r (logging libraries)
  • bson, jmespath, nokogiri, rdoc (markup processing)
Testing/Error Handling

  • minitest, multi_test, rack_test, cucumber (testing libraries)
  • simplecov (code coverage)

  • openSSL (OpenSSL)
  • rack-protection (protects against typical web attacks)
See the full list of gems in the ActiveRuby Beta docs.

Documentation and Compatibility

Get the most productivity out of Ruby. ActiveRuby includes offline documentation for Ruby and Rails, along with an index of gems with links to online docs. Plus, ActiveRuby is 100% compatible with open source Ruby, which means you can recruit skilled staff, ramp up quickly and avoid lock-in.

Start Developing with ActiveRuby

ActiveRuby Community Edition (Beta) is free to use in development and internal testing. What are you waiting for? Install Ruby on Windows with the most popular gems and get started today.

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