ActiveTcl: Leading Tcl Distribution

ActiveTcl: Leading Tcl Distribution

ActiveTcl: Leading Tcl Distribution

ActiveTcl is the industry-standard, enterprise-level Tcl distribution, offering worry-free implementation and significant time savings for installing, removing, upgrading and managing common Tcl modules.
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Commercial Support For End-to-End TCL Solutions

TCL: World’s Best Kept Secret

Tcl (Tool Control Language) has been the standard for rapid prototyping, scripted applications, GUI creation, testing automation, and more for over 20 years. Tcl is a general-purpose, dynamic programming language that can be found in everything from Cisco routers to the NBC network control system to TiVo set-top boxes to the Mars Pathfinder.
Tcl is every coder’s most flexible tool. It features rapid development, an elegant networking model, support for concurrency, localization, and cross platform GUI’s. Plus, it’s easy to learn and simple to deploy.

World’s Best TCL Distribution

ActiveTcl is the only choice for vital business applications or in open source projects. ActiveTcl is the industry standard, commercial-grade Tcl distribution. It is used by millions of coders around the world for fast, easy Tcl installation, and quality-assured code. ActiveTcl offers worry-free implementation and significant time savings over open source Tcl when it comes to installing, removing, upgrading and managing common Tcl modules. ActiveTcl comes precompiled for out-of- the-box installation, but also includes dozens of popular extensions.

Fail-Safe TCL For Enterprises

ActiveTcl licenses cover everything from enterprise-level technical support and consulting to OEM redistribution rights to indemnification against IP infringement lawsuits. You can deploy your mission critical applications with confidence knowing you’re using the industry’s most secure, enterprise grade Tcl build.
You’ll get priority access via email and/or phone to our Tcl experts. They have more than 20 years of expertise and tens of thousands of man hours resolving technical issues. You won’t need to depend on overworked internal resources or public Tcl communities to keep your development schedule on track.

Embedded TCL

Tcl is a compact language. So it is typically embedded in C applications running on special hardware, such as tele-com equipment, electronic design automation (EDA) and computer-aided design (CAD) applications.

ActiveState’s OEM license provides organizations with turnkey, royalty-free distribution rights. The OEM agreement overrides the individual open source licenses and offer the warranties, guarantees and indemnification enterprises need. Now you can deploy your code worry-free.

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World’s Best TCL Distribution

  • 97% of Fortune 1000 companies trust us for their open source language distributions.
  • Dozens of Popular Extensions, carefully curated for license compliance & stale-date components.
  • 20+ years of building open source languages.
  • Ensure Compliance. Packages are validated against GPL and GNU licensing.
  • Decrease Risk. Commercial-grade support and maintenance for mission critical applications.
  • Commercial Support. Commercial-grade support & maintenance, as well as license indemnification.
  • Lower TCO. Standardized distribution decreases installation and deployment overhead.
Key Features and Functionality
Pre-compiled All of our >50 packages included have been pre-compiled and pre-integrated to ensure compatibility and optimization between all components.
Pre-verified All packages have been verified to ensure against outdated or vulnerable versions, as well as incompatibility or improper licensing.
Commercial Support & Maintenance Email and/or phone support with guaranteed response times, accompanied by regular maintenance releases, security patches and updates.
Indemnification Ensure against legal IP infringement and unwittingly violating third party license agreements.
Komodo IDE Complimentary license for ActiveState’s cross-platform, polyglot IDE, which offers a wealth of features and functionality to makeTcl coding easier.
Online and Offline Docs Extensive documentation for the base language, as well as included packages allow you to be productive while connected or disconnected.
Tcl Versions ActiveTcl is based on the Tcl 8.x release, and is fully compatible with the community version.
Operating Systems Support for the latest releases of Mac OS, Windows and major Linux vendors, as well as IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris and HP-UX.
Form Factors Available as an OS-specific installer or an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
Custom Builds Custom-built versions of ActiveTcl featuring the packages/versions you need on the platform/environment you run.
Key Packages (More Than 50 In Total)
Developer Utilities critcl, openssl, Tbcload, TclX, Img, Snack, etc.
User Interfaces bwidget, iwidgets, tklib, tktable, treectrl, etc.
Database Access metakit, oracle-instantclient, postgres, sqlite3, etc.
Text and Markup Processing TclSOAP, tclxml, expat, etc.
Others libtensorflow, expect, tkcon, etc.
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