Last Updated: June 24, 2021

Checklist: Key Open Source Questions for Any Organization

Your open source supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Security, compliance and other risks are key weak points if not dealt with correctly. This checklist provides you with a set of key questions to ask stakeholders in order to identify whether any weak links exist.

Safe, maintainable, and effective use of an open source language in any organization takes teamwork. But different teams have different requirements, some of which may be conflicting. Use this checklist to make sure your open source supply chain can meet the needs of your developers, DevOps, InfoSec, and compliance teams without causing conflicts, delays or undue risk.


The ActiveState Platform can help address many of the issues faced by your key stakeholders by ensuring that the Python, Perl and Tcl language environments they interact with are secure and comply with licensing criteria, while eliminating many of the time-wasting tasks that limit developer productivity.

Your open source supply chain is bigger than you think. The ActiveState Platform can help you understand just how big, and then make it easy to secure and de-risk your use of open source languages. Try it for yourself!
Suhani S