ActivePython Community Edition extends offering with advanced numerical libraries & tools for Scientific & Financial computing

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 9, 2011 – Make ActiveState your one stop to download the most complete distribution for all your scientific computing needs & advanced numerical libraries.  ActivePython Community Edition now includes all the most popular and latest versions of NumPy, SciPy, matplolib and numerous other key python packages including the latest release of Enthought Tool Suite and Roguewave’s PyIMSL  In addition, ActivePython Community Edition distribution includes PyQT and wxpython, essential cross-platform GUI toolkits for building desktop applications.

Now, everything you need to prototype and deploy production scientific and financial applications is available for free in a single easy to install ActivePython distribution.  ActiveState includes all the  Python libraries you need to enable interactive technical computing and cross-platform rapid application development are available for free in our Community Edition today.

ActiveState’s ActivePython Community Edition distribution provides scientists, researchers, and financial analysts & modellers with a comprehensive set of tools to perform complex mathematical computations, data analysis and visualization.

ActivePython Community Edition now includes the ETS  “meta-project wrapper” that bundles up all the projects in Enthought Tool Suite and  a free 90-day trial of RogueWave’s VNI IMSL libraries & the python wrapper (PyIMSL) required to access it.

Find all the latest information on available versions, platforms and Python releases on at ActiveState’s PyPM Index.

ActivePython distributions are:

  • Easy to install & use: saving you time & effort
  • Pre-compiled with popular scientific & numeric libraries packages
  • Standardize your builds and versions
  • Available for OEM as royalty-free distributions

To learn more, visit  /activepython!

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